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Read more about The European Experience: A Multi-Perspective History of Modern Europe, 1500–2000

The European Experience: A Multi-Perspective History of Modern Europe, 1500–2000

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Jan Hansen, Berlin, Germany

Jochen Hung, Utrecht, Netherlands

Jaroslav Ira, Prague, Czechia

ISBN 13: 9781800648722

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

Language: English

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Reviewed by Mark Norris, Professor of History, Grace College on 12/30/23

"The European Experience: A Multi-Perspective History of Modern Europe, 1500-2000," offers an impressively expansive, multi-focused, and layered look at modern Europe. In its nearly one thousand pages, it includes scholarship from almost a... read more

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Unit 1 Identities
    • Chapter 1.1 Ideas of Europe
    • Chapter 1.2 Borders
    • Chapter 1.3 Migration
    • Chapter 1.4 Europe's Other(ed)s: The Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East
  • Unit 2 Societies
    • Chapter 2.1 Demographic Change
    • Chatper 2.2 Interethnic Relations
    • Chapter 2.3 Household and Family
    • Chapter 2.4 Inequalities
  • Unit 3 Power and Citizenshpi
    • Chapter 3.1 State-Building and Nationalism
    • Chaptetr 3.2 Empire and Colonialism
    • Chapter 3.3 Revolutions and Civil Wars
    • Chapter 3.4 Peace and Conflict
    • Chapter 3.5 Protest and Social Movements
  • Unit 4 Knowledge 
    • Chapter 4.1 Science and Technological Change
    • Chapter 4.2 Social Engineering and Welfare
    • Chapter 4.3 Education and Knowledge Transfer
    • Chapter 4.4 Understanding and Controllinig the Environment 
  • Unit 5 Economy
    • Chapter 5.1 Entrepeneurs, Companies, Markets
    • Chapter 5.2 Distribution Wealth
    • Chapter 5.3 Production and Consumption
    • Chapter 5.4 Labour and Forced Labour
  • Unit 6 Living with Differencce
    • Chapter 6.1 Religions
    • Chapter 6.2 Ideologies
    • Chapter 6.3 Centres and Pripheries
    • Chapter 6.4 Gnerations and Lifecycles
  • Unit 7 Cultural Encounters
    • Chapter 7.1 Experiments and Avant-Gardes
    • Chapter 7.2 Mass Media and Popular Culture
    • Chapter 7.3 Sports and Leisure
    • Chapter 7.4 Heritage and Memory
  • List of Authors
  • Index

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  • About the Book

    The European Experience brings together the expertise of nearly a hundred historians from eight European universities to internationalise and diversify the study of modern European history, exploring a grand sweep of time from 1500 to 2000. Offering a valuable corrective to the Anglocentric narratives of previous English-language textbooks, scholars from all over Europe have pooled their knowledge on comparative themes such as identities, cultural encounters, power and citizenship, and economic development to reflect the complexity and heterogeneous nature of the European experience. Rather than another grand narrative, the international author teams offer a multifaceted and rich perspective on the history of the continent of the past 500 years. Each major theme is dissected through three chronological sub-chapters, revealing how major social, political and historical trends manifested themselves in different European settings during the early modern (1500–1800), modern (1800–1900) and contemporary period (1900–2000).
    This resource is of utmost relevance to today’s history students in the light of ongoing internationalisation strategies for higher education curricula, as it delivers one of the first multi-perspective and truly ‘European’ analyses of the continent’s past. Beyond the provision of historical content, this textbook equips students with the intellectual tools to interrogate prevailing accounts of European history, and enables them to seek out additional perspectives in a bid to further enrich the discipline

    About the Contributors


    Jan Hansen, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

    Jochen Hung, Assistant Professor in Cultural History, Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University

    Jaroslav Ira, Charles University 

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