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    Introduction to Education (BETA)

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    Jennifer Beasley, University of Arkansas

    Myra Haulmark, University of Arkansas

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    Publisher: University of Arkansas

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Jessica Urbaniak, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - Superior on 10/30/23

    Nearly all content is included in the textbook. Here were some areas that I thought there could be some improvement: It does not go in-depth on the history of education, which other textbooks do. The textbook has an effective table of contents. read more

    Reviewed by Joanna Koch, Assistant Teaching Professor, North Carolina State University on 8/29/23

    Overall, the Introduction to Education textbook provides a solid introduction to the major themes in the field of education. This textbook would serve as a resource for an introductory education course because the topics, terms, and issues are... read more

    Reviewed by Roberta Freeman, Instructor, Minnesota State Community and Technical College on 3/9/23

    Beasley and Haulmark's Introduction to Education: Becoming a Professional covers similar content to other education texts I have examined and/or adopted. While most of the chapters are thorough, I did note a few that could have been expanded upon.... read more

    Reviewed by Jessica Fortner, Curriculum & Program Improvement Coordinator, Hutchinson Community College on 3/4/22

    This book is comprehensive in that it covers many of the most current view of the daily life of a teacher while braiding in the historical background of education in the United States and theories of child development and teaching and learning. ... read more

    Reviewed by Teri Eckhoff, Academic Advisor with part time teaching responsibilities, Hutchinson Community College on 3/1/22

    For students considering majoring in education the book is comprehensive, covering a myriad of topics they should consider as they decide, "Do I want to be a teacher?" The book begins by asking "Why Teach?" asking the students to examine their... read more

    Reviewed by Connie Phelps, Professor, Emporia State University on 1/5/22

    Beasley and Haulmark provide a comprehensive introduction to P-12 education with 11 chapters in 2 parts: Foundations of Schools (Chapters 1-6) and Teachers and the Profession (Chapters 7-11). Each chapter includes objectives and keywords on key... read more

    Reviewed by Rachael Hoffert, Professor of Education, Grace College on 11/15/21

    This textbook presented a thorough review of the teaching profession to students considering the field of education. Each chapter is organized by guiding questions regarding the purpose of school, student demographics, qualities of an effective... read more

    Reviewed by Jennifer Richardson, Assistant Professor of Reading, Pittsburg State University on 10/22/21

    I think it is quite difficult to present an exhaustive view of teaching. I think the text was quite comprehensive, given it's an introduction. Other books are more narrow in scope. The First Days of School, by Wong and Wong, is generally... read more

    Table of Contents

    • 1. Why Teach?
    • 2. What is the Purpose of School?
    • 3. Who are Today's Students?
    • 4. How Do Social Issues Affect Students?
    • 5. What is Taught?
    • 6. What Makes an Effective Teacher?
    • 7. What is a Positive Classroom Environment?
    • 8. What are the Ethical and Legal Issues in Schools?
    • 9. What is an Educational Philosophy?
    • 10. Excellence or Equity...Which is More Important?
    • 11. What Can a New Teacher Expect?

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    About the Book

    This book was written to provide students with an introduction to the field of education. The book is broken into chapters that focus on questions students may have about education in general. Although some chapters may go into more depth than others, this is created as an introductory text.

    About the Contributors


    Jennifer Beasley has more than 25 years of experience in education as an elementary school teacher, gifted facilitator, university professor, and education consultant. She is currently the Director of Teacher Education at the University of Arkansas and a professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Beasley specializes in Gifted Education, Differentiated Instruction, Understanding by Design, Teacher Education, Professional Development, and the Integration of Technology in the Classroom.

    Myra Haulmark began her 25 plus years in education as a speech pathologist and gifted programs coordinator in K-12 schools.  Myra is currently the Director of Teacher Licensure at the University of Arkansas and works with teacher candidates as they prepare for state licensure and provides training and support in the areas of reciprocity and teacher ethics to students during their educator preparation programs.

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