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Engineering Mechanics: Statics

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Elisabeth (Libby) Osgood, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Gayla Cameron, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Emma Christensen, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Publisher: Robertson Library Pressbooks

Language: English

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Reviewed by Stephen Proietti, Retired Professor/Adjunct Professor, Northern Essex Community College on 11/28/22

The textbook covers the fundamental concepts of Statics including vector analysis, forces, moments, static equilibrium, internal reactions, and the properties of geometric shapes. Specifically, it’s an appropriate textbook for Engineering... read more

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts
  • Chapter 2: Particles
  • Chapter 3: Rigid Body Basics
  • Chapter 4: Rigid Bodies
  • Chapter 5: Trusses
  • Chapter 6: Internal Forces
  • Chapter 7: Inertia
  • Appendix A: Included Open Textbooks

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  • About the Book

    Introduction to engineering mechanics: statics, for those who love to learn. Concepts include: particles and rigid body equilibrium equations, distributed loads, shear and moment diagrams, trusses, method of joints and sections, & inertia.

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    Elizabeth (Libby) Osgood, University of Prince Edward Island

    Gayla Cameron, University of Prince Edward Island

    Emma Christensen, University of Prince Edward Island

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