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Chemistry 2e

(30 reviews)

Multiple Authors, OpenStax

Pub Date: 2019

ISBN 13: 9781947172616

Publisher: OpenStax

Language: English

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Reviewed by Deborah Exton, Tenured Senior Instructor (II), University of Oregon on 6/11/19

This is a large, comprehensive general chemistry text. It is comparable in coverage to the text we currently use, Chemistry 8/e, by Silberberg and Amateis. As with almost all general chemistry texts, it contains far more content than can be... read more


Reviewed by Caroline Schneider, Senior Instructor, Louisiana State University on 4/30/19

**Notes: my comments compare this Open Stax text to the "standard" one we use ("Chemistry: Central Science", by Brown, Lemay, Burnstein, etc. - referred to as "BLB"). This review is for the 1st edition.** This text is over 1300 pages long (at... read more


Reviewed by Katherine Crowder, Associate Professor, University of Mary Washington on 4/29/19

The textbook covers all of the standard general chemistry topics and includes tables of thermodynamic properties, acid and base ionization constants, Ksp and Kf values, and standard reduction potentials. Includes a comprehensive index, easy to... read more


Reviewed by Benjamin Topham, Assistant Professor, Longwood University on 4/12/19

The text covers the standard topics included in general chemistry in a traditional order and at an appropriate level, if sometimes a bit brief. The glossary in each section will be useful for students to identify and review key terms. There are a... read more


Reviewed by Jose Cabral, Associate Professor, OhioLink on 3/31/19

This book is analogous to some very popular general chemistry textbooks, as and deserves serious consideration as an alternative. Its content is quite comprehensive, while the sequence of chapters is quite traditional for non-atom first textbooks.... read more


Reviewed by Lucas Thompson, Associate Professor, Gettysburg College on 3/15/19

I am using this textbook this year to teach second semester general chemistry where we cover kinetics, equilibrium, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. I have found that the book does a good job of covering the basics but I... read more


Reviewed by Michelle Wiley, Instructor, Linn-Benton Community College on 3/7/19

This book does a good job of covering the topics that would be covered in a first year chemistry course, but it does not go in as much detail on every topic as many other chemistry textbooks do. read more


Reviewed by Sarah Porter, Associate Professor, Longwood University on 3/5/19

In comparing this book to our standard general chemistry text book, it has all of the bases covered. I see a few places where content seems to be a little bit lacking or hard to find (for example, they don't seem to spend much time on solution... read more


Reviewed by Alan Levine, Instructor, MOBIUS on 1/7/19

The scope is pretty standard for a GChem text, addressing all the standard topics for a one-year course. I found the summary at the end of each chapter to be better than most. read more


Reviewed by Zahra Niroobakhsh, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri - Kansas City on 12/14/18

The textbook is quite comprehensive and covers all the essential information used for Introductory Chemistry. read more


Reviewed by Robert Kovacich, Chemistry Professor, Columbia Gorge Community College on 11/8/18

If you are teaching chemistry for science majors this is the textbook you should be using. All content for GenChem classes will be found in the text, it is 1347 pages long, you will find every topic you want to discuss in your class in this... read more


Reviewed by JING HAO, Assistant Professor, George Fox University on 6/19/18

This book covers the material that is commonly covered General Chemistry course. The chapter layout are almost the same as other textbooks. It is a fairly comprehensive textbook. read more


Reviewed by Adelaide Clark, Assistant Professor, Oregon Institute of Technology on 6/19/18

This text appears to cover a similar list of topics to those covered in the more expensive text I currently use in my courses. This is good for faculty looking to switch because topics are still covered and there will be a textbook section to... read more


Reviewed by Roger Bontems, Professor, Vermilion Community College on 5/21/18

The text covers the standard topic for 1 year (2 semester) college chemistry. read more


Reviewed by Carlisle Chambers, Professor of Chemistry, George Fox University on 3/27/18

The OpenStax textbook for college-level General Chemistry provides the typical topics covered in this class. (Atomic theory, stoichiometry, gas laws, electronic structure, bonding theories, equilibrium, thermodynamics, kinetics, electrochemistry,... read more


Reviewed by Jeffrey Vargason, Associate Professor, George Fox University on 3/27/18

Overall the book is fairly comprehensive and covers all the material that I teach in general chemistry. read more


Reviewed by Rong Zhang , Instructor, University of South Florida on 3/27/18

The book is quite comprehensive. It covers all the main topics that are usually covered by General Chemistry (both I and II). The order of these topics is appropriate and easy to follow. The index at the end is pretty long (9 pages), which also... read more


Reviewed by Matthew Cranswick, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University - Pueblo on 2/1/18

The text covers all of the basic concepts usually found in general chemistry textbooks, but also delves into advanced topics such as transition metals and coordination chemistry, organic chemistry, and nuclear chemistry. The inclusion of these... read more


Reviewed by Kevin Mark, Assistant Professor, LaGuardia Communiy College on 2/1/18

Yes, the book covers all the material that is covered is the same as our current General Chemistry 1 textbook. read more


Reviewed by Alan Jircitanp, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Penn State Behrend College on 2/1/18

This book is as good as any printed Chemistry Textbook. It has an index that lists all (and more) fundamentals of chemistry: Phases, physical and chemical changes, atomic model, ions, nomenclature, Periodic Table, the mole, formulas,... read more


Reviewed by Owen Lofthus, Associate Professor, Virginia Western Community College on 4/11/17

This textbook has a thorough coverage of general chemistry, and has good coverage of subject matter I rarely am able to touch on in a general chemistry course, such as coordination compounds and the chemistry of the representative elements. The... read more


Reviewed by Davida Brown, Associate Professor, George Fox University on 2/8/17

The book is quite comprehensive and covers all the material I want it to. read more


Reviewed by Jeannine Eddleton, Advanced Instructor, Virginia Tech on 2/8/17

A side by side comparison of this text and two others currently on the market (Silberberg/Amateis and Atkins/Jones/Laverman) reveal a nearly identical coverage of overall content/subject matter. There are differences in sequencing at times but I... read more


Reviewed by Krzysztof Kuczera, Professor, University of Kansas on 8/21/16

The text is quite comprehensive. Standard areas of general chemistry are covered very well, at level above that found in most currently used texts. The numerous and well chosen examples and exercises are well designed to help students master the... read more


Reviewed by Joseph Villa, Associate Professor, Umpqua Community College on 8/21/16

This book is an excellent as a choice for a one quarter or two quarter chemistry class. The subjects cover all the essential information. The glossary is complete. There were many subjects included that are not included in my current textbook that... read more


Reviewed by Benjamin Reynolds, Assistant Professor and Director Chemistry Learning Resource Center, Colorado State University on 1/7/16

The text is very comprehensive and includes all of the content areas expected in a comprehensive general chemistry textbook for use in a two-semester general chemistry course. The text also includes an extensive set of appendices including a... read more


Reviewed by Ted Picciotto, Chemistry Instructor, Portland Community College - Sylvania on 1/7/16

The textbook covers all areas one would expect in a general chemistry textbook. I really liked how in many of the sections there were great particle level examples as well as links to Phet animations and tutorials to help solidify concepts. I... read more


Reviewed by Samuel Keasler, Assistant Professor, Valley City State University on 1/7/16

The book provides a fairly complete overview of what your would expect to see in a general chemistry textbook. This text provides additional information not directly related to the chemistry content (e.g. portrait of a chemist) that may be... read more


Reviewed by Julian Tyson, Professor of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Amherst on 1/7/16

Within the confines of the two-semester, general chemistry sequence, the text is comprehensive. Index is a mess. Glossary of key terms at the end of every chapter is good. read more


Reviewed by Dean Atkinson, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Portland State University on 1/7/16

This textbook covers all of the typical areas addressed in the (many) General Chemistry texts that are on the market. The layout is very similar to the one that we are currently using and the coverage in each subject area is equal to or better... read more


Table of Contents

  • 1. Essential Ideas
  • 2. Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
  • 3. Compositions of Substances and Solutions
  • 4. Stoichiometry of Chemical Reactions
  • 5. Thermochemistry
  • 6. Electronic Structure and Periodic Properties of Elements
  • 7. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Geometry
  • 8. Advanced Theories of Covalent Bonding
  • 9. Gases
  • 10. Liquids and Solids
  • 11. Solutions and Colloids
  • 12. Kinetics
  • 13. Fundamental Equilibrium Concepts
  • 14. Acid-Base Equilibria
  • 15. Equilibria of Other Reaction Classes
  • 16. Thermodynamics
  • 17. Electrochemistry
  • 18. Representative Metals, Metalloids, and Nonmetals
  • 19. Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry
  • 20. Organic Chemistry
  • 21. Nuclear Chemistry
  • The Periodic Table of Elements
  • Essential Mathematics
  • Unit and Conversion Factors
  • Fundamental Physical Constants
  • Water Properties
  • Composition of Commercial Acids and Bases
  • Standard Enthalpies of Formation, Standard Free Energies of Formation, and Absolute Standard Entropies
  • Ionization Constants of Weak Acids
  • Ionization Constants of Weak Bases
  • Solubility Products
  • Formation Constants for Complex Ions
  • Standard Electrode (Half-Cell) Potentials
  • Half-Lives for Several Radioactive Isotopes
  • 22. Answer Key

About the Book

Chemistry 2e is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the two-semester general chemistry course. The textbook provides an important opportunity for students to learn the core concepts of chemistry and understand how those concepts apply to their lives and the world around them. The book also includes a number of innovative features, including interactive exercises and real-world applications, designed to enhance student learning. The second edition has been revised to incorporate clearer, more current, and more dynamic explanations, while maintaining the same organization as the first edition. Substantial improvements have been made in the figures, illustrations, and example exercises that support the text narrative.

About the Contributors


Senior Contributing Authors
Paul Flowers, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Klaus Theopold, University of Delaware
Richard Langley, Stephen F. Austin State University
William R. Robinson, PhD

Contributing Authors
Don Frantz, Wilfrid Laurier University
Paul Hooker, Westminster College
George Kaminski, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Jennifer Look, Mercer University
Carol Martinez, Central New Mexico Community College
Andrew Eklund, Alfred University
Mark Blaser, Shasta College
Tom Sorensen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Allison Soult, University of Kentucky
Troy Milliken, Jackson State University
Vicki Moravec, Trine University
Jason Powell, Ferrum College
Emad El-Giar, University of Louisiana at Monroe
Simon Bott, University of Houston
Don Carpenetti, Craven Community College