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    Writing for Strategic Communication Industries

    (21 reviews)

    Jasmine Roberts, Ohio State University

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    Publisher: Ohio State University Libraries

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    Reviewed by Mindia Whittier, Specialist, University of Texas at Arlington on 4/12/24

    This book is limited in its scope of addressing what are widely considered to be the four key pillars of contemporary strategic communication (Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned). It primarily touches on two forms of Earned Media, with limited... read more

    Reviewed by Veronica Hefner, Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College of California on 3/17/22

    The book is moderately comprehensive in terms of topics covered, but very light in terms of the depth of each topic covered. Most chapters are only a few pages and the book would benefit from more examples and detail when describing each type of... read more

    Reviewed by Cherri Sinclair, Adjunct Professor, Howard University on 3/3/22

    The text covers a lot of areas but it doesn't go into much depth for important elements of communications. For example, media pitching, press releases, media kits, blog posts, etc. Those are key communications tactics when it comes to strategic... read more

    Reviewed by Linnea Ward, Instructor, Colorado State University on 5/6/21

    A true strength of this book is its breadth; it covers a wide variety of communication industries. Slightly more detail could be included in each chapter, but this is a useful survey text of the field. read more

    Reviewed by Julie Walker, Assistant Professor, Assistant Director of Forensics, Southwest Minnesota State University on 11/5/20

    So the table of contents includes the following sections: I. Chapter 1: Defining Strategic Communication II. Chapter 2: Media Writing--Conventions, Culture, and Style III. Chapter 3: Strategic Communication Ethics IV. Chapter 4: News Value V.... read more

    Reviewed by Thea Prieto, Adjunct Writing Professor, Portland Community College on 6/18/20

    Roberts covers various forms of media writing, including news writing, public relations, advertising, and social media promotion, as well as discusses industry applications for diverse forms of writing. Each chapter is broken into multiple... read more

    Reviewed by Nathan Rucker, Term Instructor, Marshall University on 3/12/20

    Writing for Strategic Communication Industries is comprehensive in many ways when considering the work's laser focus on "strategic communication industries" which author Jasmine Roberts defines as "an umbrella term meant to include a variety of... read more

    Reviewed by Ellen Brain, Adjunct Professor, Raritan Valley Community College on 3/10/20

    The book has a heavy emphasis on journalistic technique and not the strategic aspect of how one either develops or communicates a strategic message. read more

    Reviewed by Elif Guler, Dr./Professional Writing Coordinator, Longwood University on 4/12/19

    Yes, the book covers a rich variety of areas related to writing for strategic communication industries, ranging from its conventions and cultures to its ethics and varying genres. It really presents a broad range of information. read more

    Reviewed by Joslin Pickens, Dr./ Department Chair, Southern University Shreveport on 3/11/19, updated 5/6/19

    Communication industries is such a broad range of career fields and types. However, I was impressed with how the text organized them and ultimately placed some of the universal aspects together. For example, the portfolio is useful in many fields. read more

    Reviewed by Jennifer MacKenzie, Lecturer, Lehman College on 6/19/18

    I was skeptical at first that a textbook with such a broad scope could adequately cover writing practices across three separate fields. However, this book does an excellent job in terms of both differentiating between media, PR and advertising... read more

    Reviewed by Amy Simons, Associate Professor, University of Missouri on 3/27/18

    The text offers a comprehensive look at the roles and responsibilities of professionals in the strategic communications industry. The index clearly outlines the topics covered, broken down by macro and micro subject areas. As an educator, I find... read more

    Reviewed by Kelli Burns, Associate Professor, University of South Florida on 3/27/18

    This book not only covers news writing and writing for public relations, advertising, and social media, but also how writing functions within various industries. The public relations chapter could include more variety in public relations writing... read more

    Reviewed by Joan Conners, Professor of Communication Studies, Randolph-Macon College on 3/27/18

    I appreciate the breadth of coverage of this book, to focus on news writing (hard & feature news), as well as strategic writing in public relations and advertising. I could see adopting this for a Media Writing class that covers both... read more

    Reviewed by Maggie Farley, Adjunct Professor of Communications, American University on 2/1/18

    The text is a wide-ranging overview of the key topics in strategic communications, ranging from the conceptual ("Defining Strategic Communications") to the practical ("Creating a Writing Portfolio".) It is a short text at 126 pages, and the... read more

    Reviewed by Andrew Pyle, Assistant Professor, Clemson University on 2/1/18

    As a professor who focuses on public relations (as opposed to advertising or marketing), the book provides a good general overview for the areas relevant to students in the courses I teach (in particular, my principles of PR course, or as... read more

    Reviewed by Kimberly Cowden, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University Pueblo on 2/1/18

    I appreciate the macro to micro organization of the chapters, especially the section on social media. I felt a chapter on risk and crisis communication would further enhance this work. I felt information about PRSA and PRSSA would be helpful when... read more

    Reviewed by Joanne Gula, Assistant Professor/Ph.D, Colordo State University/Pueblo on 2/1/18

    This textbook covers most areas of journalism and public relations writing and covers the basic introductory principles needed in strategic communication writing . It does not cover the strategic communication skills needed in advertising writing... read more

    Reviewed by Joe Staniunas, Jr., Special Purpose Faculty, Radford University on 8/15/17

    As a broad, basic primer on communication in news, public relations and advertising the text provides a solid overview of contemporary rules and guidelines in these fields. Devoting a whole chapter to ethics is a bonus. What a teacher would have... read more

    Reviewed by Carol Madere, Associate Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University on 6/20/17

    The information the author has included is very good, especially augmented as it is with videos. However, it is described as "a practical writing guide for those interested in a public relations, marketing communication, or advertising career" and... read more

    Reviewed by Rebecca Curnalia, Associate Professor, Youngstown State University on 4/11/17

    This text is a brief introduction to the professional standards for and types of strategic communication careers. It covers a few of the most essential aspects of public relations and advertising to give students a sense of what they will need to... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Defining Strategic Communication
    • Chapter 2: Media Writing--Conventions, Culture, and Style
    • Chapter 3: Strategic Communication Ethics
    • Chapter 4: News Value
    • Chapter 5: News Writing Basics
    • Chapter 6: Feature Writing
    • Chapter 7: Public Relations Industry
    • Chapter 8: Media Relations
    • Chapter 9: Public Relations Writing
    • Chapter 10: Social Media--Uses and Messaging
    • Chapter 11: Advertising Industry
    • Chapter 12: Creating a Writing Portfolio

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    About the Book

    Good writing skills are important in today's competitive work environment. This is especially the case for communication-related professions such as public relations, brand communication, journalism, and marketing. Writing for Strategic Communication Industries emphasizes practical application of academic inquiry to help readers improve their writing skills. This book gives readers:

    • Straightforward chapters that use real-world examples to illustrate key points.
    • Discussion of different writing styles and techniques.
    • Examples of communication materials such as press releases, creative briefs, feature articles, and more.
    • Embedded videos of insights from communication professionals.
    • Tips on pitching to the media.
    • A collection of popular sources for further explanation.

    About the Contributors


    Jasmine Roberts is a strategic communication lecturer in the School of Communication at The Ohio State University. She teaches classes in public communication campaigns, writing  for strategic communication, persuasive communication, and public speaking. Roberts earned her bachelor’s degree in communication studies and Spanish at the University of Michigan and her master’s degree in communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has experience as a marketing and public relations professional for nonprofit, entertainment, and banking industries in the United States and Spain.

    Roberts is also the contributing author of “Effective Public Speaking–A Top Hat Interactive Text.” Her current pedagogical interests include project-based learning and global education. She specifically enjoys assisting undergraduate students in applying theories and skills to real-world projects and problems. 

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