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Write Here, Right Now: An Interactive Introduction to Academic Writing and Research

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Aaron Tucker

Paul Chafe

Pub Date: 2018

Publisher: Independent

Language: English

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Reviewed by Lori-Beth Larsen, Instructor, Minnesota State University System on 10/27/19

As I reviewed this book, the starting point is far beyond the skills and knowledge of students in a developmental reading course. I began to look at the value of this book for an introductory writing course and wondered if the level of analysis... read more


Reviewed by Kate Maurer, Instructor, Anoka-Ramsey Community College on 6/30/19

In many ways "Write Here, Right Now" presents a significant array of writing instruction. However, the instruction appears to be based largely on students analyzing sources rather than pursuing answers to a research question or practicing any... read more


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Time is on Your Side
  • Chapter 2: Evidence
  • Chapter 3: The Full Three Storey Thesis
  • Chapter 4: From Thesis to Essay
  • Chapter 5: Maintaining Focus and Purpose: The Body Paragraphs
  • Chapter 6: One Last Time Before You Go: The Conclusion and Final Review
  • Chapter 7: Making Your Own Argument
  • Chapter 8: Gathering Research and Establishing Evidence
  • Chapter 9: Towards the Well-Researched Paper
  • Chapter 10: Joining the Conversation: Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, and You
  • Chapter 11: Editing and Evolving the Thesis and Outline
  • Chapter 12: What Have I Accomplished? Conclusion and Final Assessment
  • Chapter 13: Works Cited

About the Book

Write Here, Right Now: An interactive Introduction to Academic Writing and Research utilizes PressBooks to create and host a writing e-textbook for first year university students that would effectively integrate into the flipped classroom model. The textbook could also be used for non-flipped classroom designs, as the embedded videos, diagrams and linked modules would act as an all-in-one multimedia textbook geared towards multiple learning styles and disciplines. The components of the textbook, including the embedded videos, could be swapped in and out in order to accommodate a professor’s best idea of his/her own course design.

About the Contributors


Aaron Tucker

Paul Chafe