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Veterinary Histology

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Ryan Jennings

Christopher Premanandan

Copyright Year: 2017

Publisher: Ohio State University Libraries

Language: English

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Reviewed by Douglas Baird, Associate Professor, Neurobiology & Anatomy, Director of Curricular Innovation & Student Success, Drexel University College of Medicine on 5/28/19

The goal of proving an open textbook in veterinary histology is a worthy one. The present effort falls far short of the quality found in most histology textbooks. Major organ systems are not included: endocrine organs like adrenal, pituitary and... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Cell
  • Chapter 2: Epithelium
  • Chapter 3: Connective Tissue
  • Chapter 4: Muscle
  • Chapter 5: Bone
  • Chapter 6: Cardiovascular System
  • Chapter 7: Integument
  • Chapter 8: Gastrointestinal System
  • Chapter 9: Hepatobiliary System
  • Chapter 10: Respiratory System
  • Chapter 11: Urinary system
  • Chapter 12: Male Reproductive System
  • Chapter 13: Female Reproductive System
  • Chapter 14: The Eye

About the Book

Veterinary Histology is a microscopic anatomy textbook focused on domestic species, including the dog, cat, cattle, horses, swine, and camelids. This digital textbook provides comprehensive, system-specific text as well as high-resolution, annotated images along with chapter-specific glossary of terms and learning objectives.

About the Contributors


Ryan Jennings, Ohio State University

Christopher Premanandan, Ohio State University