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Tutorials of Visual Graphic Communication Programs for Interior Design

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Yongyeon Cho, Iowa State University

Copyright Year: 2021

Publisher: Iowa State University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Matt Andring, Assistant Professor, Johnson County Community College on 6/3/22

Pretty thorough textbook for an introductory CAD course. Maybe not suitable for an advanced, production drafting course, but very suitable for its purpose. I found the images and links helpful. read more

Reviewed by Laura Kimball, Assistant Professor, Radford University on 3/18/22

The text is very comprehensive and systematic in approach for learning or refreshing with the software. The text offers images, video tutorial links, helpful shortcuts. read more

Reviewed by Dina Al-Dajani, Assistant Professor, Massasoit Community College on 5/24/21

The contents of the book reflect the book structure clearly. I think the author has succeeded in meeting the objectives and learning approaches of the book through presenting illustrations that support the tutorials of learning three software in... read more

Table of Contents

  • Part One. AutoCAD
    • Chapter 1. Introduction of AutoCAD
    • Chapter 2. Draw floor plans
    • Chapter 3. Create dimensions and components
    • Chapter 4. Draw elevation and sections
    • Chapter 5. Draw ceiling plans
    • Chapter 6. Set sheets
    • Chapter 7. Symbols and prints
  • Part Two. Revit
    • Chapter 8. Introduction to Revit
    • Chapter 9. Create a site
    • Chapter 10. Set grids, levels, dimensions, & building columns
    • Chapter 11. Add/edit beams, walls, & curtain walls
    • Chapter 12. Understand visibility settings, add/edit floor & ceilings
    • Chapter 13. Add/edit stairs, rails, & roof
    • Chapter 14. Add/edit windows, doors, lighting fixtures, furniture, tags, & sheets
    • Chapter 15. Add/edit model-in-place components & edit family
    • Chapter 16. Add/edit elevation, section, detail, text, annotation, & rooms
    • Chapter 17. Add/edit views, lighting, & materials
    • Chapter 18. Create Revit rendering, Revit clouding rendering
  • Part Three. Enscape
    • Chapter 19. Introduction to Enscape
    • Chapter 20. Edit model & materials
    • Chapter 21. Edit lighting and create a video
    • Chapter 22. Edit render outputs

Ancillary Material

  • Iowa State University
  • Iowa State University
  • About the Book

    This book is for the beginning level of both architecture and interior design students who learn computer graphic communication software. The author developed multiple tutorials to teach three computer graphic applications, AutoCAD, Revit, and Enscape. AutoCAD is an essential computer drafting software which is 2D drawing software. Revit is a Building Information Modeling software, which is 3D based modeling software. Lastly, Enscape is a real-time rendering, animation, and virtual reality plug-in for users' 4D experiences.

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    Yongyeon Cho, Iowa State University

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