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    The Changing Story: digital stories that participate in transforming teaching & learning

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    Linda Buturian, University of Minnesota

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    Reviewed by Dolores Flamiano, Professor, Media Arts and Design, James Madison University on 5/16/22

    The Changing Story gives a remarkably thorough overview of digital storytelling and covers the bases from project conceptualization to scaffolding to assessment to peer feedback. There is much to admire in this book, from preliminary chapters... read more

    Reviewed by Vicki Pitstick, Director, New Student & Family Programs, Radford University on 1/7/22

    As a professional who has used digital stories in many ways and a certified Digital Story Facilitator through The Storycenter, I felt this book did a great job of explaining what digital stories are and different ways they can be utilized. The... read more

    Reviewed by Elif Guler, Dr./Associate Professor/Professional Writing Coordinator, Longwood University on 8/17/21

    This book presents a comprehensive discussion of digital storytelling from its definition to examples of students’ digital stories to related scholarly research as well as tools (e.g., assignments and exercises) and other resources (links to... read more

    Reviewed by Sharon Head, Assistant Professor, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts on 6/3/20

    This text is a comprehensive, concise, and highly readable introduction to the use of digital storytelling as a learning tool for both instructors and students. The author provides a solid theoretical background, exercises to use with students,... read more

    Reviewed by Carrie Oeding, Assistant Professor, Bridgewater State University on 6/1/20

    I really like what the book covers and how it breaks down the steps to integrating digital storytelling assignments in your classroom. It's incredibly clear and immediately useful. In the "Types of Digital Storytelling" I would like to see a... read more

    Reviewed by Catron Booker, Adjunct Faculty/Radio-TV-Film, East Tennessee State University on 4/17/20

    The text is very accessible in terms of being easily readable for educators from a wide variety of backgrounds. The textbook seems to be more of an overview of digital media for a course in the humanities, American Studies, Environmental Studies,... read more

    Reviewed by Qazi Arka Rahman, GTA, West Virginia University on 3/26/20

    The book does a good job of detailing the steps of digital storytelling. I have particularly found the organizational structures of the chapters helpful. The way of utilizing quotes, content, student work, faculty interviews, and footnotes does a... read more

    Reviewed by Mara Pierce, Assistant Professor of Art Education, Montana State University - Billings on 1/15/20

    The text is wonderfully comprehensive. The work is inclusive of example assignments, sample student outcomes, and methods of curricular incorporation. I appreciate the focus on participatory culture and its inclusion as a pathway to community... read more

    Reviewed by Molly Bruce Patterson, Assistant Professor, Digital Archivist & Special Collections Librarian, Rhode Island College on 12/2/19

    In The Changing Story Linda Buturian intentionally maintains a platform-neutral approach in her exploration of digital storytelling; she provides a pedagogical framework that can inform digital storytelling assignments across platforms and... read more

    Reviewed by Tracey Burrell, Director of Clinical Experiences, LSUS on 4/13/19, updated 5/6/19

    The text is organized in such a way that it addresses the what, when, where, why, and how of digital storytelling. Content is supported by several student examples and teacher reflection. read more

    Reviewed by Candace Schlein, Associate Professor, University of Missouri - Kansas City on 12/8/18

    A real strength of this book is how it provides definitions of different types, purposes, and scopes of digital story assignments. Furthermore, the author makes the most of the digital platform of this ebook by including a great number of samples... read more

    Reviewed by Ranae Hanson, Instructor, Minneapolis Community and Technical College on 5/21/18

    The book gives a thorough guide to developing digital story assignments and teaching this method of researching and presenting a topic. The author offers a wide range of examples and methods for adapting the material to varying academic... read more

    Reviewed by Julie Adams, Academic Skills Tutor: Digital Impact, Staffordshire University, UK on 2/1/18

    This book is an excellent, quick-start guide for ways to incorporate digital storytelling into curriculum. It is aimed at teaching staff who wish to make use of digital storytelling as a new form of student assessment, but also to enhance their... read more

    Reviewed by Carolyn Parker, Director, Graduate Teacher Education, American University on 2/1/18

    As other reviewers have pointed out, the audience of this textbook is educators, not students. This is mostly accurate. However, within the realm of teacher education, parts of the book, such as chapter three, could be used with students to help... read more

    Reviewed by Norb Thomes, Learning Systems and Services Coordinator, Winona State University on 2/1/18

    The author does a nice job of covering the use of digital storytelling from concept through completion. This is a really nice recipe for creating and using storytelling as an important part of teaching and learning. The only thing I would add is... read more

    Reviewed by Mildred Barya, Assistant Professor, UNC-Asheville on 2/1/18

    This book is elaborate and comprehensive in its explanation of what Digital Storytelling is about, the different types/categories, and how as an instruction tool for teachers, has potential to transform student learning. Incorporating students'... read more

    Reviewed by Rebecca Owen, Adjuct Professor, Writing, Chemeketa Community College on 6/20/17

    I teach composition courses at a community college, and one of the big assignments that both the students and I grapple with every year is the research paper. This text gave me a lot of new ideas about how I might incorporate digital storytelling... read more

    Reviewed by Alison Pelegrin, Instructor, Southeastern Louisiana University on 6/20/17

    The progression of the material is intuitive. The book is clearly set up, but I do think that a more detailed Table of Contents, with links to specific parts of chapters, would be useful. read more

    Reviewed by Rebecca Goodrich, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Engish, Washington State University on 6/20/17

    This text covers each step in developing and implementing a digital storytelling assignment, with one glaring exception. The author can't assume that readers have any experience with video or audio editing, and some of the first questions readers... read more

    Reviewed by Carol Patnaude, Associate Professor, Community College of Rhode Island on 4/11/17

    I found the text to be very comprehensive for working in higher education and/or secondary school educators wanting to provide new learning opportunities for their students. Digital storytelling opens doors for students and faculty to present... read more

    Reviewed by Jiyoon Yoon, Associate Professor, University of Texas Arlington on 4/11/17

    Linda successfully provided her wonderful ideas of how to integrate stories with the advanced technology with appropriate index and glossary. read more

    Reviewed by Nina Spiegel, Associate Professor, Portland State University on 2/15/17

    This text is geared toward educators, rather than students. It is therefore not a book for use in the classroom, but a text to use to prepare assignments for a course. Its goal is to demonstrate the value of using digital storytelling in the... read more

    Reviewed by Krista White, Digital Humanities Librarian, Rutgers University Libraries on 2/8/17

    Aimed at educators, not students, this is not comprehensive in the sense of providing background to digital storytelling and the trend toward using multimedia to teach various "literacies" - digital, media, information, visual in secondary and... read more

    Reviewed by Mike Mutschelknaus, English Instructor, Rochester Community and Technical College on 12/5/16

    I am new to digital storytelling. I teach a lot of freshman composition at Rochester Community and Technical College. I've been teaching for a long time. I'm looking for new ways to approach my course. This book provided me with lots of online... read more

    Reviewed by Laura Medina, Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans on 12/5/16

    The book would be a good choice for educators considering exploring or committed to introducing digital storytelling into their pedagogy. It serves as a comprehensive introduction and overview to digital storytelling as a teaching and learning... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: What is Digital Storytelling?
    • Chapter 2: Types of Digital Stories
    • Chapter 3: Scaffolding Exercises
    • Chapter 4: Assessment and Evaluation
    • Chapter 5: “We are the Battery Human”
    • Chapter 6: Learning Through Stories

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    About the Book

    The Changing Story gives you assignments, resources, and examples to use in your teaching and learning. It will also help you think of ways digital stories can be used in your teaching, and help students harness the power of visual storytelling.

    About the Contributors


    Linda Buturian has taught in the humanities at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis for eight years. She has also taught writing intensive courses shaped around themes of sustainability. In 2006, Buturian was awarded a leave from the university to develop curriculum around the resource of water, and received funding to travel to New Zealand to research water resource protection and sustainability models. In 2007, Linda created a freshman seminar on water that integrates both the sciences and the humanities, and gives students the opportunity to create digital stories about water resource topics. The water seminar is in its third year.

    Prior to receiving her masters of arts in literature and writing from the University of Cincinnati, Buturian was the director of a community environmental organization in the Oregon Cascades, which addressed citizen-based solutions to watershed and ecosystem issues. Buturian has published essays, poetry, short stories, interviews, and articles in publications including Shouts and Whispers (Eerdmans 2006), Life in Body (Cathedral Hill Press 2006), and Utne Reader.

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