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Supporting English Language Learners in First-Year College Composition

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Breana Bayraktar

Elaine George

Nataliya Schetchikova

Copyright Year: 2023

Publisher: VIVA

Language: English

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Reviewed by Susan McAlister, Adjunct Instructor, Old Dominion University on 7/13/23

The text covers all areas suggested in the title. This text provides support for English Language Learners (ELLs) and, I would argue, other learners placed in support courses for first-year composition courses such as ODU’s English 101. The text... read more

Reviewed by Lauren Perry-Rummel, Adjunct Faculty and Instructional Designer, University of New Mexico on 4/21/23

This book does an excellent job of covering critical components of the reading process and writing process for students new to composition in English. The book covers multiple genres of writing and walks students through the important contextual... read more

Table of Contents

  • How Supporting ELLs in FYC is Organized
  • I. Learning How to Take Notes
  • II. Narrative: I Went From Prison to Professor
  • III. Expository: Sweet, Sour & Resentful
  • IV. Expository: Why Rituals Are Good
  • V. Argument: Why do People Fall for Fake News?
  • VI. Argument: Misinformation and Biases Infect Social Media, Both Intentionally and Accidentally
  • VII. Identifying Thesis Statements, Claims, and Evidence
  • VIII. Understanding Academic Assignments
  • IX. Answer Keys for Instructors
  • X. Supplemental Grammar Information
  • Appendix
  • Permissions

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About the Book

Supporting ELLs in FYC is organized around five key essays, selected to coordinate with the essay styles commonly taught in first-year/first-semester composition courses.

This organization is planned to offer instructors the flexibility to best support the pacing of the composition course. There are 2 expository, 1 narrative, and 2 argument essays. Each module includes one essay, with accompanying activities and supporting materials.

  • Expository: Sweet, Sour & Resentful
  • Expository: Why Rituals Are Good
  • Narrative: Prison to Professor
  • Argument: Fake News
  • Argument: Misinformation

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Breana Bayraktar

Elaine George

Nataliya Schetchikova

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