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Speaking of Culture

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Nolan Weil

Copyright Year: 2017

Publisher: Rebus Community

Language: English

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Reviewed by Julia Baumgardt, Assistant Professor, Marian University on 1/8/21

This textbook covers a wide range of topics, from the historical and theoretical approaches to culture to specific aspects and categories of culture, to the particular influences on contemporary American culture. This is a welcome refresher for... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What is Culture?
  • Chapter 2: The Human Family
  • Chapter 3: Origins and Early Developments of Culture
  • Chapter 4: Material Culture
  • Chapter 5: Culture as Thought and Action
  • Chapter 6: Beliefs, Values, and Cultural Universals
  • Chapter 7: Group Membership and Identity
  • Chapter 8: Roots of American National Culture

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About the Book

“Speaking of Culture” is a collection of instructor-authored background readings intended to accompany other activities, discussions, experiences, projects, and readings for IELI 2470 – Cross-Cultural Perspectives, a course offered by faculty in the Intensive English Language Institute at Utah State University. Its main purpose is to define culture and other concepts often associated with it.

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