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Project Management

(16 reviews)

Adrienne Watt

Copyright Year: 2014

ISBN 13: 9781774200131

Publisher: BCcampus

Language: English

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Reviewed by Carolyn McGary, Associate Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 10/2/23

From a project management process standpoint, it covers at a high level the majority of what a starting student would need to know. read more

Reviewed by Megan Hamilton, Faculty- Coordinator of Civic Engagement Projects, Emory and Henry College on 6/30/23

It covers all the major points that I want my students to understand when learning about the craft of project management. read more

Reviewed by Michael Botyarov, Lecturer, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 7/24/22

This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of project management, including associated processes and tools. This introductory text can be an excellent supplement to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) given the flow and structure... read more

Reviewed by Smita Singh, Lecturer, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 5/13/22

The textbook is pretty comprehensive and covers all aspects of project management. The book is well - organized and provides power points and audio files in the end of each chapter. However some of the chapters are not much in detail. For... read more

Reviewed by Abdullah Oguz, Visiting College Lecturer, Cleveland State University on 7/4/21

The text covers all project management knowledge areas and process groups. The table of content shows all of the topics in an organized way. However, I think some chapters are short, and therefore they should include more content. For example,... read more

Reviewed by Debbie Austin, Part Time Faculty, Portland Community College on 1/11/21

This text is a comprehensive overview of the basic functions and processes of project management. It is not an in-depth study in any one area of project management but does a great job of covering the end to end process for a survey or basics course. read more

Reviewed by Andrea Peterson, Faculty: Lecturer, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 8/5/20

This text is perfect for a beginner's level course in Project Management. read more

Reviewed by Keivan Sadeghzadeh, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth on 6/27/20

This textbook covers many topics in the area but could include more such as "Communications Management" and ... read more

Reviewed by Jonathan de Alderete, Associate Teaching Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell on 6/10/20

This book is an excellent high level overview perfect for both business majors and engineers who are learning the ropes for staging a project. read more

Reviewed by Elaine Luther, Professor, Point Park University on 9/5/19

Table of Contents should provide short description of content for each Chapter. Would like to see more Business Examples, since this was listed under Business Area. Missing major projects such as; New Product Development/Acquisition, Capital... read more

Reviewed by Micheline Al Harrack, Visiting Faculty, Marymount University on 7/26/19

This book covers all the topics relevant to Project Management. It outlines an overview of Project Management, the Project Life Cycle, and covers all knowledge areas as identified in the PMBOK 5th edition. It does not integrate using a software... read more

Reviewed by Paul Szwed, Professor, Massachusetts Maritime Academy on 4/21/19

The textbook offers a broad look at project management and provides a high-level treatment of most areas of project management. It would be a good introductory book on the subject, but due to its relatively abbreviated length, it does not go into... read more

Reviewed by Deborah Hommer, Assistant Teaching Professor, Penn State University Altoona on 2/1/18

I feel the book touches upon all the topics of a typical Project Management Book except use of a software tool like Microsoft Project. The book does not go into great detail on many of the project deliverables identified by PMI or PMD. Also... read more

Reviewed by Sang-Phil Kim, Assistant Professor, Winona State University on 6/20/17

Project management has soft skills and hard skills. Though the text covers all area and ideas of the subject it seems too concise, especially on hard/quantitative skills, such as critical path method (CPM), earned value analysis (EVA), and risk... read more

Reviewed by Ziko (Ziad) Rizk, Computer Systems Faculty, LinnBenton Community College (LBCC) on 6/20/17

The book covers the project management topic very well. The author begins the book with why businesses should leverage project management, then moves on to the project definition, the project life cycle, the Project Management Institute (PMI) and... read more

Reviewed by Dave Amato, Adjunct Instructor, Portland Community College on 6/20/17

I think the book does a pretty good job of this although I think the representative graphics were difficult to view as part of the book content. They are too small and required enlargement if you wanted to try to get anything out of them. read more

Table of Contents

  • 1. Project Management: Past and Present
  • 2. Project Management Overview
  • 3. The Project Life Cycle (Phases)
  • 4. Framework for Project Management
  • 5. Stakeholder Management
  • 6. Culture and Project Management
  • 7. Project Initiation
  • 8. Overview of Project Planning
  • 9. Scope Planning
  • 10. Project Schedule Planning
  • 11. Resource Planning
  • 12. Budget Planning
  • 13. Procurement Management
  • 14. Quality Planning
  • 15. Communication Planning
  • 16. Risk Management Planning
  • 17. Project Implementation Overview
  • 18. Project Completion
  • 19. Celebrate!
  • Appendix 1: Project Management PowerPoints
  • Appendix 2: Chapter Questions
  • Appendix 3: Chapter Audio Files
  • About the Author
  • Versioning History

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About the Book

This book covers the basics of project management. This includes the process of initiation, planning, execution, control and close out that all projects share.

About the Contributors


Adrienne Watt holds a Computer Systems Diploma (BCIT), a Bachelors in Technology (BCIT) and a Master’s in Business Administration (City University).

Since 1989, Adrienne has worked as an educator and gained extensive experience developing and delivering business and technology curriculum to post-secondary students. During that time she ran a successful software development business. In the business she worked as an IT Professional in a variety of senior positions including Project Manager, Database Designer, Administrator and Business Analyst. Recently she has been exploring a wide range of technology related tools and processes to improve delivery methods and enhance learning for her students.

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