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    Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor System - Second Edition

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    Ben Enserink, Delft, Netherlands

    Pieter Bots, Delft, Netherlands

    Els van Daalen, Delft, Netherlands

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    ISBN 13: 9789462362994

    Publisher: TU Delft Open

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by EVAN MISTUR, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington on 11/17/22

    This textbook provides a thorough and detailed synthesis of the process of setting up policy analyses within complex, multi-actor systems. While it largely avoids discussion on the policy and economic concepts guiding the causal relationships at... read more

    Table of Contents

    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Problem Formulation in Complex Environments
    • 3 Systems Analysis
    • 4 Actor Analysis
    • 5 Exploring the Future
    • 6 From Synthesis to Plan of Action
    • 7 The Research Plan
    • 8 Preparing an Issue Paper
    • Annex
    • About the Authors

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    About the Book

    Policy of Multi-Actor Systems is an introduction into the art of craft of problem exploration and problem structuring. It positions policy analysis as a scientific discipline focused on systems analysis in a multi-actor context to support better informed decision-making. The approach presented in this book is considered to be the cornerstone of the curricula of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology and underlies the research on (the governance of) socio-technical systems. Systems thinking applied in a multi-actor environment and its inherent multi-disciplinary character is what makes this work stand out from traditional hard- and soft systems approaches. The core of the book is dedicated to systems analysis, actor- or stakeholder-analysis and discusses methods for dealing with uncertainty. These analytical activities combined lead to a rich problem description and to plans for further research. Due to the stepwise approach this book serves as a basis for any problem analysis both for our bachelor and master students, our alumni worldwide and any interested practitioners.

    About the Contributors


    Ben Enserink is associate professor of policy analysis at Delft University of Technology. He is a specialist in action research, participatory methods, social learning and scenario analysis. Main fields of application are water management and energy transition. He has extensive international experience and teaches courses in policy analysis and intercultural communication.


    Pieter Bots is associate professor of policy analysis at Delft University of Technology. He
    is an expert designer of methods and tools for systems analysis and decision support. His
    present research focuses on multi-stakeholder modelling and simulation of energy grids
    and markets. He teaches courses in modelling, policy and decision analysis, and designing in socio-technical systems.

    Els van Daalen is associate professor of policy analysis at Delft University of Technology.
    She is involved in both teaching and research in the area of methods for systems modeling and analysis. Specific methods of interest are System Dynamics and serious gaming. She has developed and taught courses on problem structuring and systems modelling at all university levels.

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