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Peer Review: A Critical Primer and Practical Course

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Emily Ford, Portland State University

Copyright Year: 2022

Last Update: 2023

Publisher: Portland State University Library

Language: English

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Reviewed by Laura Lucci, Visiting Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's College on 12/19/23

I found this text to be an excellent introduction to the issues inherent in the peer review process. I especially appreciate that this is not simply a text, but a self-paced course that allows the reader to understand their role and... read more

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • What is Peer Review?
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Peer Review
  • Bias and Power Structures in Peer Review
  • Critically Examining Established Peer-Review Practices
  • Innovations in Peer Review
  • Librarians and Peer Review
  • Developing Peer-Review Norms, Guidelines, and Expectations for LIS or Your Discipline
  • Developing Your Peer-Review Practice
  • About the Author

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About the Book

This book is a self-paced, open access training in peer review. In eight modules it asks readers to engage in a variety of activities to learn the who, what, why, and how of peer review. It is geared to library professionals, library school students, or other academic professionals who must understand and/or engage with the peer-review process.

About the Contributors


Emily Ford is Associate Professor and Urban & Public Affairs Librarian at Portland State University. Her research uses narrative inquiry methods to understand peer review and she is an advocate for open peer review. In 2021 her book Stories of Open: Opening Peer Review through Narrative Inquiry was published by ACRL Press. In her spare time she is the proud human guardian of two cats and three fancy rats, volunteers at a local no-kill cat shelter, and runs tree-lined trails through forests near her home.

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