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Patterns for Beginning Programmers

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David Bernstein, James Madison University

Copyright Year: 2022

Publisher: James Madison University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Anthony Marasco, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 12/21/22

This book presents a thorough walkthrough of common programming concepts. This version of the book includes example figures written in Java, but the content of the text is designed to be language agnostic. The techniques covered are ones that... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Patterns Requiring Knowledge of Types, Variables, and Arithmetic Operators
  • II. Patterns Requiring Knowledge of Logical and Relational Operators, Conditions, and Methods
  • III. Patterns Requiring Knowledge of Loops, Arrays, and I/O
  • IV. Patterns Requiring Advanced Knowledge of Arrays and Arrays of Arrays
  • V. Patterns Requiring Knowledge of String Objects
  • VI. Patterns Requiring Knowledge of References

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About the Book

Programming patterns are solutions to problems that require the creation of a small fragment of code that will be part of a larger program. Hence, this book is about teaching you how to write such fragments of code. However, it is not about teaching you the syntax of the statements in the fragments, it assumes that you already know the syntax. Instead, it is about finding solutions to problems that arise when first learning to program.

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David Bernstein, James Madison University

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