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    Opening Eyes onto Inclusion and Diversity

    (3 reviews)

    Susan Carter, Toowoomba, Australia

    Lindy Abawi, Toowoomba, Australia

    Jill Lawrence, Toowoomba, Australia

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    ISBN 13: 9780648769804

    Publisher: University of Southern Queensland

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Kara Woodley, Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - Superior on 11/13/23

    The book's table of content and references accurately reflect the content that is presented within the text of the book. The entire text is organized and provides well-researched material that helps the reader find the topic of interest to them. read more

    Reviewed by Eugenia Lambert, Professor, Director of Leadership Studies, Marshall University on 10/8/22

    The book reaches into all corners of diversity, not just cultural or physical. The reader is reminded that there are many diversities among us and that the educational environment often accentuates differences rather than homogenizes them. read more

    Reviewed by Tyanne Bailey, Director of Teacher Education, Assistant Professor of Education, Huntington University on 6/24/22

    Although the text explores a wide variety of concepts related to inclusion and diversity, it seems to not be exhaustive. It does, however, provide an effective index. read more

    Table of Contents

    1. Introducing the key ideas
    2. Differing childhoods: Transgressing boundaries through thinking differently
    3. Celebrating diversity: Focusing on inclusion
    4. Opening eyes onto diversity and inclusion in early childhood education
    5. Fostering first year nurses’ inclusive practice: A key building black for patient centred care
    6. Positioning ourselves in multicultural education: Opening our eyes to culture
    7. Creating an inclusive school for refugees and students with English as a second language or dialect
    8. Opening eyes to vision impairment: Inclusion is just another way of seeing
    9. Setting the scene: The importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural perspectives in education (the danger of the single story)
    10. Conclusion

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    About the Book

    Susan Carter; Professor Lindy-Anne Abawi; Professor Jill Lawrence; Associate Professor Charlotte Brownlow; Renee Desmarchelier; Melissa Fanshawe; Kathryn Gilbey; Michelle Turner; and Jillian Guy

    About the Contributors


    Susan Carter, Lecturer Education BELA – SoLASE

    Lindy Abawi, Co-Head of School of Education, Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts (BELA)

    Jill Lawrence, Head of School of Humanities and Communication, Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts (BELA)

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