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Music on the Move

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Danielle Fosler-Lussier, Ohio State University

Copyright Year: 2020

ISBN 13: 9780472901289

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

Language: English

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Reviewed by Joice Gibson, Affiliate Faculty, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 12/4/20, updated 2/26/21

While it is impossible for any music textbook to cover all areas and ideas of any subject (unless that subject is very narrow), Music on the Move nonetheless provides a wide and varied coverage of music as a mobile art. The Table of Contents... read more

Table of Contents

Part I: Migration

  • Chapter 1 Colonialism in Indonesia: Music Moving with an Occupying Force
  • Chapter 2 The Romani Diaspora in Europe: Mutual Influences
  • Chapter 3 The African Diaspora in the United States: Appropriation and Assimilation

Part 2: Mediation

  • Chapter 4 Sound Recording and the Mediation of Music
  • Chapter 5 Music and Media in the Service of the State

Part 3: Mashup

  • Chapter 6 Composing the Mediated Self
  • Chapter 7 Copyright, Surveillance, and the Ownership of Music
  • Chapter 8 Localizations: Mediated Selves Mixing Musics

About the Book

Music is a mobile art. When people move to faraway places, whether by choice or by force, they bring their music along. Music creates a meaningful point of contact for individuals and for groups; it can encourage curiosity and foster understanding; and it can preserve a sense of identity and comfort in an unfamiliar or hostile environment. As music crosses cultural, linguistic, and political boundaries, it continually changes. While human mobility and mediation have always shaped music-making, our current era of digital connectedness introduces new creative opportunities and inspiration even as it extends concerns about issues such as copyright infringement and cultural appropriation.

With its innovative multimodal approach, Music on the Move invites readers to listen and engage with many different types of music as they read. The text introduces a variety of concepts related to music's travels—with or without its makers—including colonialism, migration, diaspora, mediation, propaganda, copyright, and hybridity. The case studies represent a variety of musical genres and styles, Western and non-Western, concert music, traditional music, and popular music. Highly accessible, jargon-free, and media-rich, Music on the Move is suitable for students as well as general-interest readers.

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Danielle Fosler-Lussier, Ohio State University