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Message Processing: The Science of Creating Understanding

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Jessica Gasiorek

Pub Date: 2018

Publisher: Independent

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Message Processing
  • Chapter 2: Foundational Concepts
  • Chapter 3: Media
  • Chapter 4: Communicative Codes
  • Chapter 5: Traditional Models of Human Communication
  • Chapter 6: The Inferential Model of Human Communication

About the Book

The text provides an upper-level undergraduate introduction and explanation of the social and cognitive processes involved in human communication, focusing on how people create understanding.

About the Contributors


Jessica Gasiorek (Associate Professor) studies message processing and its effects on perceptions of communication, social dynamics, and people’s subjective well-being. This work is grounded in communication accommodation theory (CAT) and social psychological scholarship on attributions, intergroup attitudes, behavior explanation, and perspective-taking. Her publications includes both empirical articles and book chapters on communication accommodation theory, communication and aging, and communication in multilingual medical contexts.