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Manual de Redacción

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Ignacio Ruiz-Pérez, Arlington, Texas

Michelle Carone, Arlington, Texas

Eloísa Sánchez Hernández, Arlington, Texas

Copyright Year: 2021

ISBN 13: 9781648169700

Publisher: Mavs Open Press

Language: English

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Reviewed by Elena Garcia Oliveros, Adjunt Faculty, City Colleges of Chicago on 2/28/23

This text is for upper levels of Spanish where the students have an opportunity to polish their writing skills and recognize, use, and apply specific concepts in linguistics and sociolinguistics in order to achieve a higher level of perfection.... read more

Reviewed by Ana Peña-Oliva, Senior Lecturer, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 12/21/22

This textbook, Manual de redacción by Ignacio Ruiz-Pérez; Michelle Carone; Eloísa Hernández; Claudia Monterroza; and Elida Monteverde, is intended for advanced Spanish students who are pursuing degrees in the areas of international business,... read more

Table of Contents

  • About the Publisher
    • Mavs Open Press
  • Accessibility Statement
    • Mavs Open Press
  • About This Project
  • Acknowledgments
  • I. Los falsos cognados
    • Introducción
    • Lenguas en contacto/préstamos lingüísticos
    • Falsos cognados o amigos
    • Lista de falsos cognados más frecuentes
    • Ejercicios de repaso
    • Antes de leer
    • Lectura: Ilán Stavans, El Quixote
    • Cuestionario sobre la lectura
    • Ejercicios: Escritura en movimiento
    • Ejercicios de repaso
  • II. Los vicios de dicción
    • Introducción
    • Los vicios de dicción
    • Ejercicios de repaso
    • Antes de leer
    • Lectura: Alejandro Higashi, “Escribir con buena ortografía… no tiene precio”
    • Cuestionario sobre la lectura
    • Ejercicios: Escritura en movimiento
    • Ejercicios de repaso
  • Bibliography
  • Links by Chapter
  • Image Credits
  • Accessibility Rubric
    • Mavs Open Press
  • Errata and Versioning History
    • Mavs Open Press

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  • About the Book

    This textbook is for advanced Spanish composition students. The textbook includes topics on grammar and syntax, as well as exercises and readings providing the students a more personalized and effective learning experience adjusted to the specific challenges they encounter in today’s global world.

    About the Contributors


    Ignacio Ruiz-Pérez is an awarded poet and a specialist in Latin American Literature, with a particular focus on twentieth-century poetry. He holds a Licenciatura from the University of Veracruz and a Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is the author of Lecturas y diversiones: la poesía crítica de Eduardo Lizalde, Gabriel Zaid, José Carlos Becerra y José Emilio Pacheco (University of Veracruz Press, 2008), and Nostalgia de la unidad natural. La poesía de José Carlos Becerra (Cultural Institute of the State of Mexico, 2009; 2nd edition, 2011). His most recent book of poetry is Rumor de primavera interna en sueño negro (2021). He is a Professor of Spanish at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he also serves as Interim Chair at the Department of Modern Languages

    Michelle Carone, University of Texas at Arlington 

    Eloísa Sánchez Hernández, University of Texas at Arlington

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