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Learning to Learn Online

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University Learning Centres

Christina Page

Adam Vincent

Pub Date: 2018

Publisher: Independent

Language: English

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Reviewed by Michael Larson, English Instructor, Minnesota State HTC on 6/25/19

Important ideas and areas related to online learning are certainly included within this text. The content promotes thought from within the reader. Opportunity to include content regarding some important behavioral aspects of learning may have been... read more


Reviewed by Gail Wilbur, Faculty in Reading and Student Success, Minnesota State on 6/3/19

This text is a great way to introduce students to the study strategies and skills needed to succeed in an online course. I appreciate the range of topics that the book covers. Many students don’t realize the need to change the way you think when... read more


Reviewed by Kodi Buell, Director of Online Learning, Trine University on 5/30/19

There is a table of contents but no official index or glossary at the end of the text. A glossary might be helpful for readers to reference. There is however a congratulations section with additional resources for students to seek out additional... read more


Reviewed by K Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Practice, Open Oregon Educational Resources on 4/15/19

The authors share ideas, information, and learning/literacy strategies (i.e., using rubrics, SQ3R; taking notes with; and locating text features) about how to engage in productive online learning platforms as a learner. Text references... read more


Reviewed by Dr. Meg Cavalier, Adjunct Professor, Bethel University on 4/14/19

Learning to Learn Online provides students and faculty with a thorough overview of online learning. Sections include a focus on the learner as an individual, learning with cohort online, how to interface with an instructor, time management,... read more


Reviewed by Katie Chavis, Assistant Professor, LSUS on 4/13/19

This textbook includes the key topics that are needed to produce successful online learners. read more


Table of Contents

  • Part I. Who am I as an online learner?
  • Part II. Who am I on my learning journey with?
  • Part III. Who are my instructors? What is their role?
  • Part IV. Time Management for Online Learning
  • Part V. Professional Communication in the Online Environment
  • Part VI. Analyzing Online Assignments
  • Part VII. Strategic Reading

About the Book

Learning to Learn Online helps you prepare for online learning success by introducing you to the online learning environment and your role as a learner within it. As you come to understand yourself as an self-directed learner, you will also be introduced to effective learning strategies: time management for online learners, information management, professional communication, and reading strategies. Welcome to your online learning journey!

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University Learning Centres

Christina Page

Adam Vincent