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Language and Culture in Context - A Primer on Intercultural Communication

(4 reviews)

Robert Godwin-Jones, Virginia Commonwealth University

Copyright Year: 2020

Publisher: Virginia Commonwealth University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Fran Hassencahl, Associate professor, Old Dominion University on 7/27/23

This book is indeed a primer and covers the fundamental theories, but not in depth. The supporting examples are helpful. It is most suited for lower-level and community college classes. The first things I look for in a textbook are the table of... read more

Reviewed by Cecilia Salvatore, Professor, Dominican University on 12/11/22

The book is truly a primer, in that it provides a mere introduction to various topics. It works for a course on multicultural and organizational communication in a non-Communication Studies department in that it introduces students to the topics... read more

Reviewed by Jeremy Aldrich, Adjunct Instructor, James Madison University on 7/13/21

Examining intercultural communication through a variety of lenses, the text is a broad introduction to a variety of themes including cultural identity, the language learning process, verbal and nonverbal communication styles, and cross-cultural... read more

Reviewed by Bonniejean Alford, Instructor (Part-time) and Identity Strategist, College of DuPage on 4/19/21

Overall, this presents as a uniquely organized Introduction to Sociology Text. However, upon further examination, it does seem to be missing key aspects of culture – such as religion, stratification, and politics. While these aspects, as well as... read more

Table of Contents

  • 1: Broadening Horizons
  • 2: Building Identities
  • 3: Using Language
  • 4: Conversing and Relating
  • 5: Communicating Nonverbally
  • 6: Contextualizing Intercultural Communication
  • 7: Encountering Other Cultures

Ancillary Material

  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • About the Book

    The text introduces some of the key concepts in intercultural communication as traditionally presented in (North American) courses and textbooks, namely the study of differences between cultures, as represented in the works and theories of Edward Hall and Geert Hofstede. Common to these approaches is the prominence of context, leading to a view of human interactions as dynamic and changeable, given the complexity of language and culture, as human agents interact with their environments.

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    Robert Godwin-Jones, School of World Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University

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