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    Introduction to Genetics

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    Natasha Ramroop Singh, Kamloops, British Columbia

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    Publisher: Thompson Rivers University

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by James Langeland, Professor, Kalamazoo College on 1/30/23

    This text does what it claims to do. It provides an introductory overview of a broad swath of genetics. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1- Mendel's First Law and Meiosis
    • Chapter 2- Mendel's Second Law: Independent Assortment
    • Chapter 3- The Cell Cycle and Mitosis
    • Chapter 4- Pedigree Analysis
    • Chapter 5- The Complementation Test
    • Chapter 6- Alleles at a Single Locus
    • Chapter 7- The Central Dogma- Mutations and Biochemical Pathways
    • Chapter 8- Gene Interactions 
    • Chapter 9- Linkage and Recombination Frequency
    • Chapter 10- Sex Chromosomes & Sex Linkage
    • Chapter 11- Recombination Mapping of Gene Loci
    • Chapter 12- Physical Mapping of Chromosomes and Genomes
    • Chapter 13- Genes and COVID-19 Susceptibility in Humans 
    • Appendix

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    About the Book

    Genetics, otherwise known as the Science of Heredity, is the study of biological information, and how this information is stored, replicated, transmitted and used by subsequent generations. The study of genetics can be sub-divided into three main areas: Transmission Genetics, Molecular Genetics, and Population Genetics. In this Introductory text, the focus is on Transmission or Classical Genetics, which deals with the basic principles of heredity and the mechanisms by which traits are passed from one generation to the next. The work of Gregor Mendel is central to Transmission Genetics; as such, there is a discussion about the pioneering work performed by him along with Mendel’s Laws, as they pertain to inheritance. Other aspects of Classical Genetics are covered, including the relationship between chromosomes and heredity, the arrangement of genes on chromosomes, and the physical mapping of genes.

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    Natasha Ramroop Singh, Thompson Rivers University

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