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Informed Arguments: A Guide to Writing and Research - Revised Second Edition

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Terri Pantuso, Texas A&M University

Sarah LeMire, Texas A&M University

Kathy Anders, Texas A&M University

Copyright Year: 2022

Publisher: Terri Pantuso, Sarah LeMire, and Kathy Anders

Language: English

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Reviewed by  Christina Taylor, Instructor, Virginia Tech on 5/23/22

This textbook does mostly quite well with comprehensiveness. Particularly of note is a lot of detail/theory related to argument in particular, as well as a robust history of rhetoric. Something that I did find a bit lacking, however, was a bit... read more

Reviewed by Jane Brockman, Writing Instructor, Rogue Community College on 3/4/22

This is one of most comprehensive books on research and writing that I’ve come across. Comprising the writings of over 30 authors, the tone and writing style is surprisingly consistent throughout the book. This book reviews certain fundamentals of... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Getting Started
  • III. Rhetorical Situation
  • IV. Types of Argumentation
  • V. Process and Organization
  • VI. Joining the Academic Conversation
  • VII. Researched Writing
  • VIII: Ethics

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About the Book

Welcome to composition and rhetoric! While most of you are taking this course because it is required, we hope that all of you will leave with more confidence in your reading, writing, researching, and speaking abilities as these are all elements of freshman composition. Many times, these elements are presented in excellent textbooks written by top scholars. While the collaborators of this particular textbook respect and value those textbooks available from publishers, we have been concerned about students who do not have the resources to purchase textbooks. Therefore, we decided to put together this Open Educational Resource (OER) explicitly for use in freshman composition courses at Texas A&M University. It is important to note that the focus for this text is on thesis-driven argumentation as that is the focus of the first year writing course at Texas A&M University at the time of development. However, other first year writing courses at different colleges and universities include a variety of types of writing such as personal essays, informative articles, and/or creative writing pieces. The collaborators for this project acknowledge each program is unique; therefore, the adaptability of an OER textbook for first year writing allows for academic freedom across campuses.

About the Contributors


Dr. Terri Pantuso is the Coordinator of the English 104 Program and an Instructional Assistant Professor in the English Department at Texas A&M University.

Prof. Sarah LeMire is the Coordinator of First Year Programs and an Associate Professor in the Texas A&M University Libraries.

Dr. Kathy Anders is the Graduate Studies Librarian and an Associate Professor in the Texas A&M University Libraries.

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