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Human Development

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Human Development Teaching and Learning Group, Portland State University

Copyright Year: 2021

Publisher: Portland State University Library

Language: English

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Reviewed by Jeff Bry, Sociology Faculty, Minnesota State Community and Technical College on 11/14/23

This textbook is fairly comprehensive. The chapters are fairly dense with material, perhaps some areas are more "glossed" over compared to a publisher textbook. Most of the major areas/themes are covered, in good detail. read more

Reviewed by Lorilene Cuevas, Psychology Department Instructor, Northeastern Illinois University on 5/5/23

The text is organized by developmental periods and takes a lifespan approach to the topic of human development. The text covers developmental periods from fertilization through death and presents the material from a multiple-domain perspective.... read more

Reviewed by Delanyard Robinson, Adjunct Faculty Member, Tidewater Community College on 12/9/22

The text covered all areas and ideas appropriately. Although several concepts and terms were defined, inclusion of a glossary would be more informative. The text covers most areas of subjects effectively and appropriately. read more

Reviewed by Deborah Allen, Lead Psychology Instructor, Fort Scott Community College on 10/7/22

This source covers most of the essentials, including historically significant theory and concepts. However, it does not have the detail in newly published statistics, etc. that I am used to in the textbooks I have used for this course. It is... read more

Reviewed by Jenny Dozier, Assistant Professor, Department Chair, Tidewater Community College on 7/30/22

Attention is called to key terms through bolded text, however, there is no stand alone index or glossary. It should be noted that this text focuses on areas of cognitive development as they pertain to social and emotional growth through the... read more

Reviewed by Glenn Fox, Professor, Tidewater Community College on 7/28/22

The book does well on the topics it covers. However, the topics covered are more a selection than anything else. For instance, physical development is left out entirely, while the text has a thorough and sophisticated coverage of theories of... read more

Reviewed by Sarah Murray, Affiliate Faculty, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 6/30/22

Very clear and concise index and glossaries. The textbook is laid out well and highly comprehensible. It has a nice aesthetic and easy to access different sections. read more

Reviewed by Diana Kim, Lecturer, Leeward Community College on 2/25/22

This text covered the major topical areas of human development in a thorough and concise format. The textbook contains ten (10) major units, with each unit covering a developmental stage, and broken into smaller sections of theories and concepts.... read more

Reviewed by Marjorie Schaeffer, Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's College on 12/23/21

Overall, this text is very thorough in its coverage of human development across the lifespan. The textbook begins with a strong outline of consistent themes and theorists across the lifespan, and integrates these ideas into each chapter as well.... read more

Table of Contents

  • Unit I: Meta-theories
  • Unit 2: Research Methods
  • Unit 3: Infancy
  • Unit 4: Family
  • Unit 5: Early Childhood
  • Unit 6: Middle Childhood
  • Unit 7: Adolescence
  • Unit 8: Early Adulthood
  • Unit 9: Middle Adulthood
  • Unit 10: Late Adulthood

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  • About the Book

    This open textbook is designed for Human Development, a core Psychology course. This course provides a bird’s eye view of major milestones and developmental tasks during each age period, starting at conception and ending with old age.

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    Human Development Teaching and Learning Group, Portland State University 

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