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Human Biology

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Willy Cushwa

Senior Contributors

Pub Date: 2015

Publisher: OpenStax CNX

Language: English

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Reviewed by Noel Boaz, Professor of Anatomy, Emory and Henry College, School of Health Sciences on 3/10/19

This textbook is organized primarily by systems and it covers all 11 in 20 chapters (even though the Table of Contents only lists 19). Five chapters are predominantly discipline- or topic-focused: Chapter 1 on the Scientific Method, Chapter 2 on... read more


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Biology and the Scientific Method
  • Chapter 2: Chemistry and Life
  • Chapter 3: Cells
  • Chapter 4: DNA and Gene Expression
  • Chapter 5: Digestive System
  • Chapter 6: Energy Considerations
  • Chapter 7: Blood
  • Chapter 8: Heart
  • Chapter 9: Blood Vessels
  • Chapter 10: Respiratory System
  • Chapter 11: Hormones
  • Chapter 12: Urinary System
  • Chapter 13: Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Chapter 14: Reproductive Systems
  • Chapter 15: Skeletal System
  • Chapter 16: Muscles and Movement
  • Chapter 17: Nervous System
  • Chapter 18: Special Senses
  • Chapter 19: Immune System

About the Book

This textbook has been created with several goals in mind: accessibility, customization, and student engagement—all while encouraging students toward high levels of academic scholarship. Students will find that this textbook offers a strong introduction to human biology in an accessible format.

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Willy Cushwa

Senior Contributors

Samantha Fowler, Clayton State University
Rebecca Roush, Sandhills Community College
James Wise, Hampton University