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    Foundations of Education

    (2 reviews)

    Lisa AbuAssaly-George

    Kanoe Bunney

    Ceci De Valdenebro

    Tanya Mead

    Jennifer Margolis

    Copyright Year:

    ISBN 13: 9781312028470

    Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Cindy Darcy, Adjunct Professor of Education, Mount Wachusett Community College on 6/5/24

    This text covers every topic that one expects for a survey course in the field of Education. It is well organized and includes media clips aids in making the information understandable. It is a helpful resource for anyone considering a profession... read more

    Reviewed by Erin Weldon, Director of Instructional Design and Development, Trine University on 4/15/24

    Foundations of Education provides a comprehensive exploration of education, delving into historical aspects of education in the United States, philosophical foundations, ethics, and legal points. The text focuses in on the key components of a... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Title Page
    • Introduction
    • Why Teach?
    • History of US Education
    • Educational Philosophies
    • Students, Educators and Community
    • Building a Classroom Community
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Curriculum and Academic Standards
    • Assessment
    • Governance and Finance
    • Ethical and Legal Issues in Education
    • Becoming a Teacher
    • Appendix

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    About the Book

    This dynamic and equity-focused Open Educational Resource serves as a multifaceted textbook for Foundations of Education courses in post secondary institutions.

    About the Contributors


    Lisa AbuAssaly-George

    Dr. Kanoe Bunney

    Ceci De Valdenebro

    Tanya Mead


    Jennifer Margolis

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