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    Exploring Public Speaking - 4th Edition

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    Barbara G. Tucker, Dalton State College

    Matthew LeHew, Dalton State College

    Amy Burger, Dalton State College

    Chad Daniel, Southern Methodist University

    Jerry Drye, Dalton State College

    Cathy Hunsicker, Dalton State College

    Amy Mendes, Dalton State College

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    Last Update: 2024

    Publisher: University System of Georgia

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Sherri Raftery, Adjunct Faculty, North Shore Community College on 5/25/24

    Exploring Public Speaking is a comprehensive Open Education Resource that will help with speaking and communication skills. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction to Edition 4.2 (2023) of Exploring Public Speaking
    • Chapter 1: The Basics of Public Speaking
    • Chapter 2: Audience Analysis and Listening
    • Chapter 3: Ethics in Public Speaking
    • Chapter 4: Developing Topics for Your Speech
    • Chapter 5: Researching Your Speeches
    • Chapter 6: Organizing and Outlining Your Speech
    • Chapter 7: Supporting Your Speech Ideas
    • Chapter 8: Introductions and Conclusions
    • Chapter 9: Presentation Aids in Speaking
    • Chapter 10: Language
    • Chapter 11: Delivery
    • Chapter 12: Informative Speaking
    • Chapter 13: Persuasive Speaking
    • Chapter 14: Logical Reasoning
    • Chapter 15: Special Occasion Speaking
    • Appendix A: Cultural Diversity in Public Speaking
    • Appendix B: Succeeding as a College Student
    • Appendix C: Public Speaking Online
    • Appendix D: Funny Talk: The Art and Craft of Using Humor in Public Address
    • Appendix E: APA Citation
    • Appendix F: Research with Dalton State Library Resources
    • Appendix G: Glossary
    • Appendix H: References
    • Appendix I: Sample Outlines and Formats
    • Appendix J: Case Studies

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    About the Book

    Exploring Public Speaking is a usable, zero-cost textbook for basic public speaking courses or courses that include basic public speaking skills as one of their primary learning outcomes. The free, open nature of the text means that instructors are able to use all or part of it, and add their own materials. Standout features include coverage of PowerPoint, audience analysis and responsiveness, ethics in public speaking, persuasion, special occasion speeches, and structure of speeches. Because it was written by communication professors with decades of experience in the classroom, Exploring Public Speaking is made to fit the needs of basic public speaking students.

    About the Contributors


    Amy Burger, Dalton State College

    Chad Daniel, Southern Methodist University

    Jerry Drye, Dalton State College

    Cathy Hunsicker, Dalton State College

    Amy Mendes, Dalton State College


    As chair of the Department of Communication at Dalton State College, Dr. Tucker oversees programs in communication, general studies, music, theatre, and interdisciplinary studies. She is Professor of Communication and has worked in higher education for over 40 years. She lives in Ringgold, Georgia, with her husband; they have one son. She is a novelist and playwright. Her research areas are the basic course, open educational resources, historical perspectives on rhetoric, and gratitude.

    As Assistant Professor at Dalton State College, Matthew LeHew teaches courses in public relations, integrated marketing communication, film studies, and video production. His research interests include various areas of media studies, especially examination of virtual communities for online games. He is currently writing his dissertation for the Ph.D. in Communication (Media and Society track) at Georgia State University. He lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife, son, and two dogs.

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