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English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate

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Ann Inoshita

Karyl Garland

Kate Sims

Jeanne K. Tsutsui

Tasha Williams

Copyright Year: 2019

ISBN 13: 978-1-948027-07-6

Publisher: University of Hawaii Manoa

Language: English

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Reviewed by Nina Presuto, Adjunct Professor, Raritan Valley Community College on 4/7/20

The text offers a clear scope and sequence of the writing process. Topics covered include prewriting, brainstorming, drafting, and revising/editing. Each of these steps, building upon previous step(s), creates a strong foundation for its topic,... read more

Reviewed by Frank Napolitano, Associate Professor of English, Radford University on 1/22/20

This book provides an overview of some of the main topics in writing instruction. I found the section on "Peer and Instructor Feedback" to be particularly useful (33). The activities provided at the end of each section enable students and... read more

Reviewed by Allan Anderson, Lecturer, Hawaii Community Colleges on 1/4/20

A first semester composition course has to make certain specific foundational choices about its topic. Do you want to emphasize analysis and paragraph structure? Thesis-building? How much should be given to research and argument, and the citation... read more

Reviewed by Lee Babin, English Instructor, Fletcher Technical Community College on 12/13/19

The book is a beginning to hopefully providing more in-depth lessons and instructions. Lessons touch upon different concepts of first-year college composition but rely on the person using the text to find almost all examples and supplemental... read more

Reviewed by Denise Acevedo, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University on 11/13/19

Chapter 1 is odd as it does not use the Sections 2 or 3 as modes to introduce a learning narrative, for example; instead, the information consists of details that students should have received in their New Student Orientation program or a New... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. College Success Skills
  • Chapter 2. The Writing Process
  • Chapter 3. Essay Structure
  • Chapter 4. Types of Essays
  • Chapter 5. Research Skills

About the Book

This OER textbook has been designed for students to learn the foundational concepts for English 100 (first-year college composition). The content aligns to learning outcomes across all campuses in the University of Hawai'i system. It was designed, written, and edited during a three day book sprint in May, 2019.

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Ann Inoshita

Karyl Garland

Kate Sims

Jeanne K. Tsutsui

Tasha Williams