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    Elementary New Testament Greek

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    Owen Ewald, Seattle, WA

    Copyright Year:

    ISBN 13: 9798986876801

    Publisher: Seattle Pacific University Library

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Alphabet, words, and names; Nominal Sentences
    • Chapter 2: Verbs and basic clauses; Contract Verbs; the Definite Article ("the"; Negation
    • Chapter 3: Cases and Gender
    • Chapter 4: Prepositions
    • Chapter 5: Adjectives; Predicate and Attributive positions
    • Chapter 6: Verb tenses
    • Chapter 7: Verb moods (including Participles)
    • Chapter 8: Other patterns of nouns and verbs, including Middle-Only verbs
    • Chapter 9: Pronouns and conjunctions
    • Chapter 10: Complex Sentences
    • Chapter 11: Special verbs
    • Chapter 12: Third declension (consonant stems), Part 1
    • Chapter 13: Third declension, Part 2
    • Chapter 14: Participles, concluded
    • Chapter 15: Verb Voices: Active, Middle, and Passive
    • Chapter 16: Perfect (Stative) Aspect
    • Chapter 17: Subjunctive Mood
    • Chapter 18: Other Verb Uses
    • Chapter 19: Extra Verbs, Athematic and Contract Verbs
    • Chapter 20: Final pieces
    • Appendix A: Note to Instructors
    • Appendix B: The Fifteen Tenses of English and Their Latin and Greek Equivalents
    • Appendix C: Second and Root Aorists
    • Appendix D: Principal Parts of Verbs
    • Appendix E: all the forms of "be"
    • Appendix F: Vocabulary English-Greek (whole course)
    • Appendix G: Vocabulary Greek-English (whole course)
    • Appendix H: All the Verb Forms
    • Appendix I: Conspectus of Noun Endings

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    About the Book

    This open-access textbook helps students learn to read New Testament Greek at the elementary level. It includes clear, concise explanations of grammar and syntax, helpful examples, and essential vocabulary, with no assumption of previous language study, and it does not require accents for most forms. At the end of each of its twenty chapters, students will find short Greek-language episodes from the life of a fictional early Christian family of Jewish ancestry, short readings from the Greek New Testament and Septuagint, and review/homework exercises that can help reinforce new concepts and vocabulary. This book can help students prepare to read Nijay Gupta and Jonah Sandford’s Intermediate Greek Reader: Galatians and Related Texts, also available as an open-access textbook.

    About the Contributors


    Education: BA, Yale University, 1992; MA, University of Washington, 1995; PhD, University of Washington, 1999. At SPU since 2001.

    Born in Washington, D.C., Owen Ewald came to Seattle in 1992 and never left. He is married with two children. His dissertation concerned how historians during the Roman Empire, especially the 100s AD, looked back to the Roman Republic (753-31 BC). His scholarship in the discipline of Classics includes articles on aesthetics, historiography, poetics, and topography, as well as translations.

    Since 2005, Dr. Ewald has delivered the annual Marston Lecture in Classics, and past topics have included Augustine, humor, and science fiction/fantasy. In more than 15 years of teaching at SPU, he has taught Latin, Greek, ancient literature in translation, art history, and ancient history. He has taught in the University Scholars program since 2008.

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