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    Elementary Earth and Space Science Methods

    (5 reviews)

    Ted Neal, University of Iowa

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    Publisher: University of Iowa

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Caitlin Fine, Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 3/27/23

    This text has been updated and the new title is: Science for Scientifically Literate Citizens." The body of the work has been expanded and is organized by science core ideas bucket: biology, chemistry, physics, space science, earth science, and... read more

    Reviewed by Mandy Olsen, Instructor, Western Oregon University on 2/26/22

    Connections to NGSS. Really liked how you could click on a subject/topic per chapter and immediately get a list of academic vocabulary for that unit of study written in easy, concise language and the connected standard. The author even breaks... read more

    Reviewed by Teresa Coker, Assistant Professor, Southern Oregon University on 6/14/21

    This text covers many key ideas in physical science that an elementary teacher needs to be familiar with. The glossary is comprehensive. Lesson ideas are also included but very limitedly. Elementary and middle school NGSS standards are noted,... read more

    Reviewed by Hannah Jardine, Lecturer & Instructional Coach, The Catholic University of America on 6/3/21

    The brief introduction and introductory video are welcoming and encouraging. The book references NGSS and is aligned well with NGSS. The contents index is effective and there is a glossary at the end. However, it would be helpful to have them... read more

    Reviewed by Joan Giovannini, Associate Professor of Education, Holyoke Community College on 5/24/21

    This text is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Iowa State Curriculum Frameworks. Both the index and glossary are clear and organized. I wish they were hyperlinked into the text. read more

    Table of Contents

    • I. Physics
    • II. Space Science
    • III. Earth Science
    • IV. Climate Science
    • V. Course Materials and Pedagogy

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    About the Book

    We created this book to help you as both a college student and a future teacher. Dr. Ted Neal asked us to help him create this resource from the perspective of students who have taken Science Methods II–what would we want in a textbook for this course? With this in mind, we have gathered and created resources to help you better understand science and feel confident in your abilities as a future teacher.

    This book is divided into five parts which align with the Science Methods II course:

    • Physics
    • Space Science
    • Earth Science
    • Climate Science
    • Course Materials and Pedagogy

    Within each part, the material is broken down into smaller chapters. Here you will find written explanations, video links, glossary terms, key takeaways, and practice quizzes to help you understand the material. This book is designed to be a flexible resource; use it as much or as little as you need throughout the course.

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    Ted Neal, University of Iowa

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