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    Economics for Life: Real World Financial Literacy

    (1 review)

    Donald Wargo

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    ISBN 13: 9781439919842

    Publisher: North Broad Press

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Elizabeth Pluskwik, Associate Professor, Minnesota State University Mankato on 5/17/23

    This post-pandemic book covers personal finance at a practical level, as well as going into just enough theory and history to give appropriate context to the author's recommendations. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Title Page
    • Copyright
    • Dedication
    • Table Of Contents
    • Acknowledgments
    • Introduction
    • 1. Your First Big Job: How to Get It
    • 2. Flourishing in Your Job and Well-Being in Your Life
    • 3. The Importance of Behavioral Economics
    • 4. What is Money?
    • 5. Analyzing Your Current Financial Situation
    • 6. Budgets and Saving
    • 7. Credit Cards, Auto Loans, and Other Personal Debt
    • 8. Student Loans
    • 9. Understanding the Time Value of Money
    • 10. Banks and Financial Institutions
    • 11. Buying a Home
    • 12. Insurance: What Do You Need?
    • 13. Investing Fundamentals
    • 14. Investing in Mutual Funds
    • 15. Saving for Retirement
    • 16. Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy-Government Intervention in Your Life
    • References

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    About the Book

    America has evolved into an ownership society. Home-buying decisions, resource allocation, debt exposure, and financial planning for the future are now left to individuals, many of whom may lack the financial understanding to evaluate and make sound decisions. Economics, with its insistence on quantifying ideas and putting specific quantitative values on all manner of phenomena, can help sort through the questions. Economics for Life: Real-World Financial Literacy is designed to help soon-to-be college graduates start their "real lives" with a better understanding of how to analyze the financial decisions that they will soon have to make. Written in an easy-to-read, conversational style, this textbook will help students learn how to make decisions on saving and investing for retirement, buying a car, buying a home, as well as how to safely navigate the use of debit and credit cards.

    Donald T. Wargo is an Associate Professor of Instruction at Temple University. Prior to his teaching career, he held executive positions in a number of large real estate companies in the Philadelphia area, including vice president of finance and president. For fifteen of those years, he ran his own development company, Wargo Properties, Inc.

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