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Concepts of Fitness and Wellness

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Scott Flynn

Lisa Jellum

Jonathan Howard

Althea Moser

David Mathis

Christin Collins

Sharryse Henderson

Connie Watjen

Pub Date: 2018

Publisher: University System of Georgia

Language: English

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Reviewed by Lynn Dillon, Adjunct Professor, Reynolds Community College Richmond, VA on 12/6/19

Textbook does cover areas of the curriculum and is easy to understand. Topics are basic. read more


Reviewed by Meghan Halbrook, Assistant Professor, Randolph College on 12/2/19

I have been sitting here trying to decide if it's comprehensive enough and I think that the answer ultimately comes down to who the learners are in the course. I have been using a more comprehensive text but for my 100-level students, I actually... read more


Reviewed by Lisa Farley, Associate Professor, Butler University on 11/14/19

There is a lot of detail in several the chapters of this book, but not so much as to overwhelm the reader. There are some good links with information to support the learning, including video, articles, etc. As a foundational or introductory text,... read more


Reviewed by Kason O'Neil, Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University on 11/1/19

The breadth of the topics covered is appropriate and is on par with many other Introduction to Wellness textbooks I have used in the past. My issue is that the depth and detail covered in each topic are not sufficient. Many of the topics within... read more


Reviewed by Martha Swirzinski, Associate Professor, Thomas Nelson Community College on 9/16/19

The content is broadly covered. Would like to have seen the authors go a little deeper with the information. Could be a great book for an intro course. read more


Reviewed by Carol Weideman, Master Faculty Specialist, Western Michigan University on 6/30/19

There isn't a reference list for the first chapter, healthy behaviors & wellness. There isn't an index or glossary. The name of the textbook should be Introduction to Fitness; the only reference to wellness is covered on pages 5-7. There isn't... read more


Reviewed by Daniel Montoya, Adjunct Instructor / Department of Health and Human Performance, Central Oregon Community College on 5/11/19

Chpt 1 comments on spirituality as faith based. While Alabama may have a higher % of faith-based connection to spirituality the text could make more global connections such as: Art / Music / Nature / Community groups that may or may not include... read more


Reviewed by Brandi Eveland-Sayers, Assistant Professor, East Tennessee State University on 4/24/19

The majority of this book focuses on fitness, one dimension of wellness. It is great for intro to fitness class. read more


Reviewed by Craig Jackson, Director of Athletics- Health and Human Performance, Umpqua Community College on 4/23/19

Covers all areas of my current class. Provides solid links/extra material that helps understanding. Lays out the objectives at the beginning of each section to help provide points of emphasis for the training. read more


Reviewed by Andy Dotterweich, Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University on 4/23/19

Similar to typical wellness textbook. It uses the transtheoretical model as a basis for behavior change. The text discusses nine areas of wellness but spends most of the text focusing on physical wellness with little in-depth discussion of the... read more


Reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan, Associate Professor, Health & Human Performance, Emory & Henry College on 3/24/19

Although the initial dimensions of wellness are listed and explained in the first chapter, the majority of the text is focused mostly on the physical dimension and does not include a comprehensive discussion of all nine dimensions. read more


Reviewed by Daniel de Moraes, Faculty, Exercise Sciencee, Minnesota State on 12/7/18

The content is covered accurately and broadly; but, i found commonplace in most chapters to mix in high level knowledge concepts with introductory ones. If this is intended to be used as an introduction book I believe it would be beneficial to... read more


Reviewed by Mary Michener, Program Director: BA Human Services, Associate Degrees, Bethel University on 11/16/18

The text is comprehensive in most of the chapters. The nutrition and weight management chapters are lacking in important information related to these areas of study. It seems that a text addressing overall wellness would include a chapters on... read more


Reviewed by Anita Walters, Instructor, Fort Hays State University on 11/15/18

The text is appropriate for an introductory fitness course. It is most definitely focused on the physical dimension. Although the introductory chapter of the book acknowledges the existence of nine dimensions of wellness, the paragraph in this... read more


Reviewed by Lynn Maska, Assistant Professor Health & Human Performance, Fort Hays State University on 11/2/18

The text covers all of the important concepts of fitness and wellness. All of the major components of fitness are well addressed for the college population. The chapter on stress is excellent for the college... read more


Reviewed by Katherine Brau, Professor, MnSCU on 10/24/18

The selection of topics/chapter are appropriate and common for a introductory wellness course. Concepts within the chapters are appropriate and preferred such as the dimensions of wellness and the transtheoretical model of change. I also... read more


Reviewed by Mike Puthoff, Professor, Physical Therapy Department, St. Ambrose University on 10/8/18

The book covers all the important areas of fitness and wellness. The chapter on stress is an important addition to this book and applies so much to college students who may be using this textbook. Some of the chapters have links to other sites... read more


Table of Contents

  • 1. Healthy Behaviors
  • 2. Fitness Principles
  • 3. Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  • 4. Muscular Fitness
  • 5. Flexibility
  • 6. Body Composition
  • 7. Nutrition
  • 8. Weight Management
  • 9. Stress
  • 10. Cardiovascular Disease
  • 11. Cancer
  • 12. Substance Use and Abuse
  • 13. Sexually Transmitted Infections

About the Book

This open textbook for Concepts of Fitness and Wellness at Georgia Highlands College was created through a Round Seven ALG Textbook Transformation Grant.

About the Contributors


Scott Flynn, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Principal Investigator, Division of Natural Science and Physical Education, Georgia Highlands College.

Lisa Jellum, Associate Professor of Physical Education, Division of Natural Science and Physical Education, Georgia Highlands College.

Jonathan Howard, Instructor of Physical Education, Division of Natural Science and Physical Education, Georgia Highlands College.

Althea Moser, Instructor of Physical Education, Division of Natural Science and Physical Education, Georgia Highlands College.

David Mathis, Lab Coordinator and Assistant Athletics Director, Division of Natural Science and Physical Education, Georgia Highlands College.

Christin Collins, Assistant Librarian of Public Services, Paulding Campus Library, Georgia Highlands College.

Sharryse Henderson, Professor of Biology and Science Coordinator, Division of Natural Science and Physical Education, Georgia Highlands College.

Connie Watjen, Georgia Highlands College.