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Au Boulot! First-Year French

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David Dinneen

Hope Christiansen

Madeleine Kernen

Herve Pensec

Pub Date: 1995

Publisher: Independent

Language: English

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Conditions of Use


Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapitre Un: etre, avoir, regarder, porter, chercher
  • Chapitre Deux: etre, aller
  • Chapitre Trois: avoir, -er verbs
  • Chapitre Quatre: prendre, faire
  • Chapitre Cinq: pouvoir, vouloir, ecrire
  • Chapitre Six: dire, boire, -ir verbs
  • Chapitre Sept: ouvrir, offrir, lire, dormir
  • Chapitre Huit: voir, savoir, connaitre, -re verbs
  • Chapitre Neuf: sortir, partir
  • Chapitre Dix: venir, tenir
  • Chapitre Onze: etre, avoir, aller, -er verbs
  • Chapitre Douze: faire, prendre, voir, dire, mettre
  • Chapitre Treize: pouvoir, vouloir, ecrire, -ir verbs, recevoir
  • Chapitre Quatorze: boire, ouvrir, offrir, servir
  • Chapitre Quinze: partir, sortir, mourir, naitre
  • Chapitre Seize: -re verbs, lire, dormir, suivre, conduirex
  • Chapitre Dix-Sept: savoir, connaitre
  • Chapitre Dix-Huit: venir, tenir
  • Chapitre Dix-Neuf: Random selection of verbs
  • Chapitre Vingt: Random selection of verbs

About the Book

Au boulot! is a two-year college French program consisting of: a textbook, workbook and 21 accompanying audio exercises; as well as a reference grammar, to be used the entire two years. We also insist that our students obtain a full-sized dictionary, and we recommend the HARPER-COLLINS-ROBERT bilingual New Standard Edition. (Instructors will note in reviewing the materials that we provide vocabulary lists at the ends of chapters, with translations, but no glossary. We have become convinced after years of experience that glossaries are counter-productive. It is vital that students learn to use dictionaries, and the sooner the better.)

About the Contributors


David A. Dinneen, University of Kansas

Hope Christiansen, University of Arkansas

Madeleine Kernen, Southwest Missouri State University

Herve Pensec, St. Olaf College