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Astronomy for Educators

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Daniel E. Barth, University of Arkansas

Copyright Year: 2018

Publisher: University of Arkansas

Language: English

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Reviewed by Laura Robertson, Assistant Professor, East Tennessee State University on 2/28/20

The text is comprehensive in the astronomy ideas and learning activities that are presented. A detailed glossary is provided as well as a list of famous people in astronomy. For each activity, the author provides the same content and organization... read more

Table of Contents

  • Unit 1: Starting our Journey of Discovery
  • Unit 2: Lunar Phases - A Simple Scientific Model
  • Unit 3: Modeling Earth and Moon Together
  • Unit 4: Measuring Time in the Sky
  • Unit 5: Measuring and Mapping the Sky
  • Unit 6: Exploring Gravity
  • Unit 7: Proving the Heliocentric Model Correct
  • Unit 8: Understanding Big Numbers - Size and Scale in our Solar System
  • Unit 9: Orbital Dynamics - Planets and Moons in Motion
  • Unit 10: War of the Worlds - How Impacts Build Planets
  • Unit 11: The Four Seasons - Two Competing Models
  • Unit 12: Safely Observing the Sun
  • unit 13: Solar and Lunar Eclipses

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About the Book

Astronomy for Educators provides new and accomplished K-12 instructors with concepts and projects for low-cost, high-impact STEM classroom instruction that is built around the National Academies National Research Council's K-12 Framework for Science Education.

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Daniel E. Barth, University of Arkansas

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