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An EKG Interpretation Primer

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Jacqueline Christianson

Nurses International Team

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Copyright Year: 2019

Publisher: Nurses International Team

Language: English

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Reviewed by Jonathan Jones, Department Chair, Allied Health, Aiken Technical College on 5/24/21

Very detailed information in the chapters. read more

Reviewed by Dharmendra Nimavat, Associate W, Southern Illinois University Carbondale on 2/24/21

Overall it’s good for beginners read more

Reviewed by Peeranuch LeSeure, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth on 7/2/20

This book covers all content areas necessary for novice nursing students and nurses. It would be helpful to include a preface. Providing a preface, table of contents, figure numbers and captions as well as references will increase the academic... read more

Reviewed by Veronica Jean, Professor, Delagado on 5/3/20

The author covers electrocardiogram interpretation (EKG) in a thorough manner. Basic information is explained from the equipment used to obtain an EKG to the interpretation of cardiac rhythms. The EKG interpretation primer includes information on... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 0 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart
  • Chapter 1 - EKG Basics and Terminology
  • Chapter 2 - Electrical Activity of the Heart and Basic Wave Forms on an EKG
  • Chapter 3 - EKG Machinery and Setup
  • Chapter 4 - Rhythm Interpretation
  • Chapter 5 - 12 Leads and Special Rhythms

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  • About the Book

    This book teaches healthcare professionals the basics of EKG interpretation and is available as a Creative Commons resource. 

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