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A Student's Guide to Tropical Marine Biology

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Haley Zanga

Audrey Boraski

Alana Olendorf

Copyright Year: 2019

Publisher: Kenyon College

Language: English

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Reviewed by Joyce Stedt, Adjunct Professor of Biology, Prairie State College on 6/13/22

The goal of "A Student's guide to Tropical Marine Biology" is to understand coral reefs, identify problems in the coral reefs, and evaluate solutions. The chapter "Coral Reefs and Diversity" covered coral and reef types, how reefs are formed, the... read more

Reviewed by Thea Popolizio, Assistant Professor, Salem State University on 6/30/20

The text is not a comprehensive work on tropical marine biology, but would serve as a great supplement to be used in conjunction with other resources, including primary literature. There are sections on coral biology, environmental threats and... read more

Reviewed by Edgar Rosas Alquicira, Adjunct Instructor, Lane Community College on 1/5/20

According to the textbook title, “A student’s guide to tropical marine biology”, a reader will expect information about the main tropical marine ecosystems such as mangrove, seagrass and coral reefs; nevertheless, the textbook mainly includes... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Coral Reefs and Diversity
  • II. Common Fish in the Coral Reef
  • III. Environmental Threats
  • IV. Reef Conservation
  • V. Major Marine Phyla

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About the Book

A Student’s Guide to Tropical Marine Biology is written entirely by students enrolled in the Keene State College Tropical Marine Biology course taught by Dr. Karen Cangialosi.Our goal was to investigate three main aspects of tropical marine biology: understanding the system, identifying problems, and evaluating solutions. Each of the sections contains chapters that utilize openly licensed material and images, and are rich with hyperlinks to other sources. Some of the most pressing tropical marine ecosystem issues are broken up into five sections: Coral Reefs and Diversity, Common Fishes to the Coral Reef, Environmental Threats, Reef Conservation, and Major Marine Phyla. These sections are not mutually exclusive; repetition in some content between chapters is intentional as we expect that users may not read the whole book.

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Haley Zanga

Audrey Boraski

Alana Olendorf

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