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    Modern World History

    (10 reviews)

    Dan Allosso, Bemidji State University

    Tom Williford, Southwest Minnesota State University

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    Publisher: Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project

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    Reviewed by Glenn McKnight, Associate Professor of History, Drake University on 12/12/22

    The strengths of this book lie in its treatment of Asia and the Americas across the modern period, and of the 20th century world. For example, it centers the origins of the modern world in China with an extensive discussion of the early Ming... read more

    Reviewed by Mark Norris, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and Professor of History, Grace College on 11/19/22

    Modern World History by Dan Allosso and Tom Williford (Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project, 2021) is comprehensive if we take our cue from the title. The book is thematic with the concept of "modernity" as a driving force. Therefore it is... read more

    Reviewed by Raphael Njoku, Professor, Idaho State University on 9/19/22

    The vast landscape of the World history curriculum poses a tremendous challenge for authors and instructors in terms of thematic coverage and in-depth treatment. Modern World History by Dan Allosso and Tom Williford attempted to address this... read more

    Reviewed by Chris Brooks, Instructor in History, Portland Community College on 6/25/22

    Given the enormous difficulty of addressing "all areas and ideas" of world history, Modern World History does a good job of covering most of the major world-historical developments since the mid-eighteenth century in adequate depth. The early... read more

    Reviewed by Michael Skinner, Lecturer, Hawaii Community College on 12/10/21

    The textbook is very comprehensive. The authors do a great job of covering a wide range of topics and discuss how different events and movements in one region affect other regions. Every area of the world is covered in this textbook and students... read more

    Reviewed by Julia Schiavone Camacho, Associate Professor of History, Goshen College on 12/7/21

    The Introduction concisely reviews key points on ancient world history around the development of civilizations, societies, religions, migration, and other themes that are necessary to understand modern history. There is no glossary, index, or... read more

    Reviewed by Charles Young, Associate Professor, Umpqua Community College on 7/19/21

    Generally comprehensive with good depth in some key areas but brief in some important developments as well. For example, I was pleased with the industrial revolution and the needed agricultural revolution background (including the importance of... read more

    Reviewed by Dr. David Ramsey, History Instructor, Midlands Technical College on 7/15/21

    The table of contents includes important information from Ancient times which reveals how Europe was developed and how empires were formed. A graduate level history course could be developed from each chapter. read more

    Reviewed by Timothy Olin, Assistant Professor, Central College on 6/16/21

    A survey of world history from 1500 to the present is by its very nature selective. That said, the major events and themes one would expect to find in a survey of world history are presented here. There are a few, nationalism for instance, where I... read more

    Reviewed by Brandon Williams, Assistant Professor of History / Department Chair of Social Sciences, Community College of Aurora on 4/28/21

    As a faculty member who has experienced teaching Modern World History in four separate states, I can confidently state that Modern World History easily meets and fits the topical outline or framework required by any topical outline, GT... read more

    Table of Contents

    1. Modern World History Begins in Asia
    2. Europe and Africa
    3. The Americas and Columbus
    4. Early Globalization and Revolutions
    5. Troubled Nineteenth Century
    6. Imperialism
    7. The Great War
    8. Modern Crisis
    9. World War II
    10. Decolonization
    11. Cold War
    12. Neoliberal Globalization
    13. Limits to Growth?
    14. Appendix A: Choosing a Chief Executive and Voting
    15. Appendix B: Finance and Taxes

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    About the Book

    Welcome to Modern World History!  This is the textbook for an undergraduate survey course taught at all the universities and most of the colleges in the Minnesota State system. Similar courses are taught at institutions around the United States and the world, so the authors have made the text available as an open educational resource that teachers and learners can read, adapt, and reuse to meet their needs. We’d like to hear from people who have found the text useful, and we’re always open to questions and suggestions.

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    Dan Allosso, Bemidji State University

    Tom Williford, Southwest Minnesota State University

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