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    Contemporary Families: An Equity Lens

    (7 reviews)

    Elizabeth B. Pearce, Linn-Benton Community College

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    Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

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    Reviewed by Ann Obermann, Associate Professor & Online Education Coordinator, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 5/21/24

    This text does a really great job introducing the concept of family, the multiple systems involved in family life, social justice issues that impact families, and family concepts like partnering and belonging. Each chapter did a nice job for a... read more

    Reviewed by Sharon Methvin, Instructor, Mt. Hood Community College on 8/17/23

    Text covers the key areas for family in the US and the equity issues. I love the embedded videos. The sections on food and water are great editions to address and not often covered. read more

    Reviewed by Sydney Hart, Professor, City Colleges of Chicago on 5/26/23

    While there is much to admire in this text, I cannot recommend it for a sociology of families course as the main source. It would make a fantastic supplement. It is a really good book outside of the specific requirements of a sociology of families... read more

    Reviewed by Sadie Pendaz-Foster, Sociology Instructor, Inver Hills Community College on 6/28/21

    This was a very comprehensive book from the perspective through which the material was presented. There were so many things to consider in the book in terms of how axes of inequality and social institutions, as places of reproduction for social... read more

    Reviewed by Eunice Brekke, Associate Professor, Leeward Community College on 4/19/21

    This is a thorough treatment of contemporary families with a solid introduction of core concepts and theory. Overall, key elements of contemporary issues are addressed and the table of contents is easy to use. read more

    Reviewed by Isabelle Havet, Instructor, Linn-Benton Community College on 1/12/21

    The text is very comprehensive, covering a variety of topics relating to contemporary families thoroughly, and from multiple angles. The authors take pains to provide different perspectives on topics, by raising questions, presenting different... read more

    Reviewed by June Morris, Instructor, Linn-Benton Community College on 1/6/21

    I like how terms are defined and hyperlinked. read more

    Table of Contents

    • 1. Social Constructions
    • 2. Studying Families
    • 3. Health and Health Care
    • 4. Housing
    • 5. Connection and Love
    • 6. Visual Culture: Art and Beauty
    • 7. Representation and Belonging
    • 8. Justice
    • 9. Food and Water

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    About the Book

    This openly licensed text, created with students, approaches contemporary families from an equity lens. It asks two questions relevant to the Difference, Power, and Discrimination outcomes at Linn-Benton Community College and Oregon State University: “What do families need?” and “How do society and institutions support or get in the way of families getting what they need?" Original content is licensed under CC BY, except as otherwise noted. More specific information can be found under Licenses and Attributions at the bottom of each section.

    About the Contributors


    Liz Pearce is proud to be a member of an institution that supports the work of this open pedagogy project and open educational resource, which strives to increase equity for students learning about about families in the United States. Creating opportunities and resources for transformative learning is her passion. She is a longtime faculty member at Linn-Benton Community College, teaching Human Development and Family Sciences courses and advising future Human Services and Social Work professionals. In addition she leads and mentors faculty in several areas: equity-based teaching, active learning, technology use, and open pedagogy. 

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