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Vector Calculus

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Michael Corral, Schoolcraft College

Copyright Year: 2013

Last Update: 2021

Publisher: Michael Corral

Language: English

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Free Documentation License (GNU)
Free Documentation License (GNU)

Table of Contents

  • 1 Vectors in Euclidean Space
  • 2 Functions of Several Variables
  • 3 Multiple Integrals
  • 4 Line and Surface Integrals


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  • Michael Corral
  • About the Book

    This is a text on elementary multivariable calculus, designed for students who have completed courses in single-variable calculus. The traditional topics are covered: basic vector algebra; lines, planes and surfaces; vector-valued functions; functions of 2 or 3 variables; partial derivatives; optimization; multiple integrals; line and surface integrals.

    The book also includes discussion of numerical methods: Newton's method for optimization, and the Monte Carlo method for evaluating multiple integrals. There is a section dealing with applications to probability. Appendices include a proof of the right-hand rule for the cross product, and a short tutorial on using Gnuplot for graphing functions of 2 variables

    There are 420 exercises in the book. Answers to selected exercises are included.

    About the Contributors


    Michael Corral is an Adjunct Faculty member of the Department of Mathematics at Schoolcraft College. He received a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley, and received an M.A. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Industrial & Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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