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University 101: Study, Strategize and Succeed

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Copyright Year: 2018

Publisher: Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Jennifer Simpson, Lecturer, West Virginia University on 5/2/22

The ideas presented in this textbook are set up in a way that is easy for students to understand. I liked the variety of topics. Having worksheets embedded in the text made it simple to use. read more

Reviewed by Leticia Schneider, Adjunct Faculty/ First Year Experience, Eastern New Mexico University on 11/5/21

This textbook covers important areas to be success in college (time management, study skills, and learning strategies). The textbook has several worksheets that you can click on which are helpful, but no back button to take you were you were... read more

Reviewed by Carissa Johnson, Adjunct faculty, First Year Experience, Anoka-Ramsey Community College on 10/27/21

The index is clear and concise as well as true to the content it lists. The book begins by building a foundation for college success and emphasizes the importance of learning how to learn. Key questions are posed within each section to maintain... read more

Reviewed by Stephanie Moran, Director of Adult Studies, Anderson University on 1/5/21

From the index to the reference section, this book is very organized. One can easily see the progression of learning from beginning to end. References are provided within the chapter and at the conclusion. read more

Reviewed by Brenda Williams, Part-time Faculty, Lane Community College on 12/30/20

The textbook covers several important areas to college success ( time management, study skills, and learning from texts). I was not a fan of the navigation system. There was no "next" button. It was always scrolling back to the top to the... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Learning in University: The Critical Skill of Metacognition
  • II. Plan for Success: Knowing Yourself and Setting Goals
  • III. Your First Week: Getting Organized and Finding Resources
  • IV. Manage Your Time: Study Strategies for Busy Students
  • V. Learn From Lectures and Texts
  • VI. Study Smart – Use Powerful Strategies to Remember, Understand and Apply
  • VII. Get Those Projects Done
  • VIII. Get Ready for Exams
  • IX. Evaluate and Move Ahead

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  • About the Book

    Welcome to university! Whether this is your first time in post-secondary education, or whether you are returning to studies, you’re arriving with some goals you want to achieve. Perhaps you are taking a focused program to lead you into your desired career.  Perhaps you are exploring courses in different areas, providing a foundation for future specialization.  Wherever you are in your journey, you find yourself in a learning environment that is different from one you have experienced before.

    A good foundation for university is learning how to learn.  By taking the time to read this book and work through the exercises included, you are investing in the skills that will support you in all of your classes and future learning.  Successful students share a set of skills and habits in common.  The good news is that these skills are not a secret; anyone can learn the skills that support successful learning. By taking some time to learn proven study strategies, you will be able to reach your learning goals, and avoid the pitfalls that can take you off-track.

    Who is this book for?

    This book focuses on the skills you’ll need to be successful in undergraduate courses or other adult education classes. If you are:

    • new to university studies
    • returning to university after some time away
    • a mature student
    • an international student
    • or a continuing student who wants to improve their current skills and strategies

    this book is meant to support you in your journey.

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