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    Intermediate Microeconomics with Microsoft Excel - 2nd Edition

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    Humberto Barreto, DePauw University

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    Publisher: Humberto Barreto

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Sharron L Terrell, PhD, Lecturer, Limestone University on 12/1/20

    Barreto's Intermediate Microeconomics with Excel covers standard topics and ideas presented in any textbook developed for teaching microeconomics to upper-level undergraduate students who are either economics or business majors. The text includes... read more

    Table of Contents

    I Consumer Behavior

    • 1 Budget Constraint
    • 2 Satisfaction
    • 3 Optimal Choice
    • 4 Comparative Statics
    • 5 Endowment Models
    • 6 Bads
    • 7 Search Theory
    • 8 Behavioral Economics
    • 9 Rational Addiction

    II The Firm

    • 10 Production Function
    • 11 Input Cost Minimization
    • 12 Output Profit Maximization
    • 13 Input Profit Maximization
    • 14 Consistency
    • 15 Monopoly
    • 16 Game Theory

    III The Market System

    • 17 Partial Equilibrium
    • 18 General Equilibrium

    IV Conclusion

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    About the Book

    This book is based on the idea that there is a particular framework used by economists to interpret observed reality. This framework has been called the economic way of thinking, the economic approach, and the method of economics.

    This book is different from the many other books that attempt to teach microeconomics in three ways:

    • It explicitly applies the recipe of the economic approach in every example.
    • It uses concrete examples via Microsoft Excel in every application, which enables the reader to manipulate live graphs and learn numerical methods of optimization.
    • The majority of the content is in the Excel workbooks which the reader uses to create meaning.

    You learn by doing, not by reading. 

    About the Contributors


    Humberto Barreto is the Q. G. Noblitt Professor of Econmics and Management at DePauw University. Born in Cuba, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Professor Barreto has lectured around the world on teaching economics with computer-based methods, including Cuba, Brazil, Canada, Scotland, Spain, Poland, India, Burma, Japan, and Taiwan. He was a Fulbright Scholar in the Dominican Republic and has taught National Science Foundation Chautauqua short courses using simulation. He has received several research and teaching awards. He has written numerous articles and books on using Excel to teach economics (including introductory level material, micro, macro and econometrics). He offers an annual workshop for faculty on teaching economics.

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