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    Strategic Management - 2nd Edition

    (4 reviews)

    John Morris, Oregon State University

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    Last Update: 2023

    Publisher: Oregon State University

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Mehmet Ali Koseoglu, Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University on 1/29/24

    The book is missing several topics that the strategy course must include. It focuses on strategy formulation but needs other chapters dealing with strategy implementation and evaluation. Also, other chapters including strategic leadership, global... read more

    Reviewed by Ravi Chinta, Associate Dean and Professor, Strategic Management, The University of the District of Columbia on 11/21/22

    Part 6 in the eBook needs to be dropped from the course coverage. This is just one paper by two well-known strategy researchers, but is not well accepted as part of the body of knowledge for an undergraduate capstone strategy course. I especially... read more

    Reviewed by Sinbin Wu, Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 11/7/22

    The textbook covers majority of the key theories and concepts, eg., five forces. But other key elements for strategic management are missing. For example, organizational structure, culture as resources and decision making for upper echelons. Also... read more

    Reviewed by Larry Clay, Assistant Professor, Marymount University on 1/2/22

    The book covers a wide range of the concepts in strategy; however, I think a section addressing international strategy would be of value for students to understand. I also liked the definition table, exercises, and case examples in each chapter. read more

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Part 1. Strategic Management Overview
    • Part 2. Corporate Governance
    • Part 3. The External Environment
    • Part 4. Internal Capability
    • Part 5. Business-level Strategy
    • Part 6. Formulating Strategy
    • Part 7. Corporate-level Strategy
    • Part 8. Analysis and Reporting
    • Index to Tools and Models Used in the Textbook
    • Publication History
    • Creative Commons License
    • Recommended Citations
    • Versioning

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    About the Book

    This open source textbook is derived from many sources, initially from the Principles of Management by Carpenter, Bauer, and Erdogan, but there is abundant new content as well. It is published under a Creative Commons license and as such there is no charge ever for this textbook. The most important change from 1e is that static content was removed to make room for student-generated dynamic content. Throughout the book look for the names of contributing students in the red colored example boxes. As the term progresses, you will see new examples appear as fellow students research and summarize topics for current events, all are curated by the instructor.

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    John Morris, Oregon State University

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