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Applied Fluid Mechanics Lab Manual

(4 reviews)

Habib Ahmari, University of Texas at Arlington

Shah Md Imran Kabir, University of Texas at Arlington

Ginny Bowers

Copyright Year: 2019

ISBN 13: 9781648169977

Publisher: Mavs Open Press

Language: English

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Reviewed by Fatma Elseid, Lecturer of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 1/3/24

This is a very straightforward lab manual for 10 fluid mechanics experiments, there is clear explanation for each experiment; contains summary of the experiments, objective, theory behind the test followed with clear equations for what should be... read more

Reviewed by Anthony Ucci, Professor, Bristol Community College on 5/26/21

This is a good introductory lab manual, but only contains 10 experiments. The subjects covered are common to most fluid mechanics courses and the associated materials are well done, but a wider variety of topics and equipment/apparatuses would be... read more

Reviewed by Caroline Baker, Assistant Professor, Anderson University on 1/8/21

Covers most major areas of a standard undergrad course, but does not include an index/glossary. read more

Reviewed by Isaac Choutapalli, Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 11/20/20

The text covers most basic areas in experimental fluid mechanics. read more

Table of Contents

  • Experiment #1: Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Experiment #2: Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstration
  • Experiment #3: Energy Loss in Pipe Fittings
  • Experiment #4: Energy Loss in Pipes
  • Experiment #5: Impact of a Jet
  • Experiment #6: Orifice and Free Jet Flow
  • Experiment #7: Osborne Reynolds' Demonstration
  • Experiment #8: Free and Forced Vortices
  • Experiment #9: Flow Over Weirs
  • Experiment #10: Pumps
  • References

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About the Book

This lab manual provides students with the theory, practical applications, objectives, and laboratory procedure of ten experiments. The manual also includes educational videos showing how student should run each experiment and a workbook for organizing data collected in the lab and preparing result tables and charts.

About the Contributors


Habib Ahmari, University of Texas at Arlington

Shah Md Imran Kabir, University of Texas at Arlington


Ginny Bowers

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