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    Sight-Reading for Guitar

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    Chelsea Green, New Cairo, Egypt

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    Publisher: Rebus Community

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Robert Trent, Professor of Music (Guitar), Radford University on 7/29/22

    Ms. Green has created a textbook which provides an excellent introduction to reading music, notes on the guitar, rhythms, and how most symbols one would encounter in music notation are interpreted. Delivery is through both text and embedded video... read more

    Reviewed by Olem Alves, Music Instructor (Guitar, Popular Music Studies), Linn-Benton Community College on 1/15/21

    Sight-Reading for Guitar by Chelsea Green takes the student through a thorough study of how to read music on the guitar. It starts with the very beginnings of how to read (for the very beginning student) and slowly takes the student through a... read more

    Table of Contents

    •     1. Open Strings, Basic Rhythms & the 4/4 Time Signature
    •     2. More Open Strings, Rhythms & Time Signatures
    •     3. Notes on the First String & Tempo
    •     4. Notes on the Second String, Articulations & Voicings
    •     5. Notes on the Third String & Dotted Rhythms
    •     6. Notes on the Fourth String, Ornaments & the Tie
    •     7. Notes on the Fifth String, More Navigation & Ornaments
    •     8. Notes on the Sixth String & Dynamics
    •     9. Simple vs. Compound Meter
    •     10. More Notes, Accidentals & the Eighth-Note Triplet
    •     11. More Notes, Color & Navigation
    •     12. More Notes, Repetition & Fingerings
    •     13. More Notes, Sixteenth Note Rhythms & Dotted Eighth Note Rhythms
    •     14. More Notes, Expression & Tuplets
    •     15. More Notes & Meter
    •     16. More Notes, Key Signatures & Cut Time Meter
    •     17. More Notes & Extended Techniques
    •     18. More Notes, Thirty-Second Rhythms & Swing
    •     19. Playing in Positions
    •     20. Intervals, Chords & Strums
    •     21. More Enharmonics
    •     22. Refining Your Practice

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    About the Book

    Sight-Reading for Guitar: The Keep Going Method Book and Video Series teaches guitar players from all musical backgrounds to understand, read and play modern staff notation in real time. The Keep Going Method is designed to impart the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for sight-reading with efficiency, fun and encouragement. The skill of sight-reading is a difficult to develop, primarily because it is traditionally taught inefficiently. Further, students encounter high levels of emotional discomfort in the beginning stages of skill acquisition. The method in this book is designed to impart the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for sight-reading with efficiency, clarity and encouragement. All types of guitars apply: electric, steel-string and nylon-string.

    Each unit contains brief descriptions of musical symbols, play-along duet exercises and compositions, encouragement and methods for self-assessment. The series contains 20 units that start at the beginner level and progress to the intermediate/advanced level. At the completion of the series guitarists will be able to sight-read most rhythms, pitches and other notations relevant to guitar notation. The series also features 30 original duet compositions, of varying styles, created exclusively for this series!

    About the Contributors


    Chelsea Green is an associate professor of music at The American University in Cairo. She teaches music history, introductory ethnomusicology, music theory, music entrepreneurship and guitar performance. Drawing on her experience as a professional guitar soloist and ensemble player, Chelsea also directs the Cairo Guitar Collective (CGC) and the AUC Guitar Ensemble, both of which perform regularly throughout Egypt.

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