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    The Balance of Personality

    (4 reviews)

    Chris Allen, Portland State University

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    Publisher: Portland State University Library

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    Reviewed by Noelany Pelc, Assistant Professor, Marian University on 12/29/23

    The text offers a particularly strong foundation rooted in trait theory and insight-oriented theories (e.g., humanistic, existential, psychodynamic theories), along with a thorough review of more recent iterations of positive psychology. These... read more

    Reviewed by Diana Ciesko, Professor, Valencia College on 6/11/20

    It was fairly comprehensive, however, it depends on the audience. It would be suitable for an undergraduate audience - first two years. If you were looking to have a an upper level course or graduate level, then I think that it falls short. To... read more

    Reviewed by Mary Elizabeth McKenna, Professor,Nurse Education,FNP, North Shore Community College on 6/5/20

    The book The Balance of Personality is very engaging to the reader. Dr. Chris Allen has created a source that may be used for the upper level classes with an interest in theories of personality development. With a thorough table of contents,... read more

    Reviewed by Hyacinth McKee, Assistant Professor of Social Work, SUNO on 5/1/20

    Dr. Allen’s textbook covers the most notable fundamental theories of Personality Psychology. It provides a history of theories of psychology with terminology and a glossary of terms at the end of each chapter. The embedded videos (in the... read more

    Table of Contents

    • 1 Personality Traits
    • 2 Personality Stability
    • 3 Personality Assessment
    • 4 Sigmund Freud, Karen Horney, Nancy Chodorow: Viewpoints on Psychodynamic Theory
    • 5 Carl Jung
    • 6 Humanistic and Existential Theory: Frankl, Rogers, and Maslow
    • 7 The Nature-Nurture Question
    • 8 Self-Regulation and Conscientiousness
    • 9 Personality Disorders
    • 10 Happiness: The Science of Subjective Well-Being
    • 11 Yoga, Buddhism, Personality and Non-Personality

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    About the Book

    This open access textbook was developed as an upper division undergraduate textbook for theories of personality. Its intended audience are students from Portland State University enrolled in Psychology 432 Personality course. The chapters are shorter than some personality textbooks and in this particular course Psy 432 the textbook is combined with other readings including scientific articles on personality. This open access textbook may be of interest to other courses interested in teaching about theory and research on personality.

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    Chris Allen, Portland State University

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