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Introduction to Curriculum for Early Childhood Education

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Jennifer Paris, College of the Canyons

Kristin Beeve, College of the Canyons

Clint Springer, College of the Canyons

Copyright Year: 2018

Last Update: 2019

Publisher: College of the Canyons

Language: English

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Reviewed by Felix Rodriguez Suero, Lecturer I, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 11/9/22

This book addresses a wide range of topics pertaining to curriculum design and inquiry with young children. Learning through Play is a central focus of the book. However, the authors introduce the reader to the most common approaches to early... read more

Reviewed by Ilfa Zhulamanova, Associate Professor, University of Southern Indiana on 5/19/22

This text brings a comprehensive approach to curriculum making in early childhood education. I really liked the emphasis on play-centered approach to education of young children. read more

Reviewed by Robert Bryant, Adjunct Professor, Dominican University on 4/25/22

The text is readable and complete in scope and Early Childhood responsibilities. read more

Reviewed by Kimberly McFall, Associate Professor, Marshall University on 1/3/22

The book is arranged in a logical order and includes relevant up-to-date topics. read more

Reviewed by Robin Folkerts, Assistant Teacher Educator, Wichita State University on 10/30/21

There is a table of contents which is very helpful and transparent about the contents. I found the information in this text to be very comprehensive and thorough in regards to an introduction to Early Childhood Education. There is no index or... read more

Reviewed by Jennifer Forker, Professor, Hutchinson Community College on 10/18/21

This textbook covers all of the major topics for developing a curriculum in a preschool setting. read more

Reviewed by Diane Lewis, Adjunct Professor, Northern Essex Community College on 4/6/21

I really like how the book is broken down into sections and works from the understanding how children learn to developing curriculum. I like seeing how to set stage for learning and guiding behavior in classroom. I like how the book wraps up the... read more

Reviewed by Mary Ellen McGuire-Schwartz, Professor, Rhode Island College on 12/9/20

The text is comprehensive in covering areas of early childhood curriculum. I like the straightforward nature of chapter content with photos, charts, webs, links and other resources. I like the links that are available in each chapter. Some of the... read more

Reviewed by Yolanda Buenafe, Early Childhood Education Faculty and Program Coordinator, Mt. Hood Community College on 8/17/20

The textbook is quite comprehensive as an overall introduction to early childhood curriculum. Content covers theories, curriculum models, developmental span from infancy to school age, and specific curriculum areas. The textbook provides a good... read more

Reviewed by Maryam Sharifian, Assistant Professor, James Madison University on 7/31/20

The chapters are very well developed with achievable and comprehensive objectives. The content of each chapter unfolds each objective and provides opportunities to reflect with examples and thoughtful scenarios. Chapters are matching one another... read more

Reviewed by Adkins Vernita, Associate Professor, California State University, Dominguez Hills on 7/25/20

This is a very comprehensive text covering pertinent topics in early childhood education from understanding how children learn to the appropriate setting for their learning to the curriculum topics that cover their complete educational development. read more

Reviewed by John Cipora, Adjunct Instructor, Holyoke Community College on 6/30/20

I found this text to be supremely comprehensive in scope, as well as fully current and progressive in tone and intent. To my mind, it would make an ideal foundational work for undergraduate programs in early childhood education. It is... read more

Reviewed by Caitlin Malloy, Associate Lecturer, University of Massachusetts Boston on 6/29/20

This textbook provides a comprehensive summary of curriculum planning for preschool-aged (3-to 5-year old) children. With only a chapter truly dedicated to infant/toddler and early elementary-aged children, instructors who are teaching student... read more

Reviewed by Maureen Provost, Associate Professor of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Mount Wachusett Community College on 6/23/20

The text covers most areas and ideas of the subject appropriately. Although NAEYC was referenced throughout, they have a new position statement on equity. Race, poverty, social inequities, and the importance of teaching these topics in early... read more

Reviewed by Jacquelynne Chase, Assistant Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Bridgewater State University on 5/27/20

Comprehensiveness was overall strong, but there were some areas that I felt should have been explored with more depth. For example, approaching social justice topics and those that are deemed “uncomfortable” that small children often times ask... read more

Reviewed by Holly McCartney, Professor, James Madison University on 4/4/20

The text covers all areas and ideas of the subject appropriately and provides an effective index and/or glossary. Response: The book does cover the subject well, however there is no index or glossary. read more

Table of Contents

Section I: Understanding How Children Learn

  • Chapter 1: Foundations in Early Childhood Curriculum: Connecting Theory & Practice
  • Chapter 2: The Importance of Play and Intentional Teaching

Section II: Developing Curriculum to Support Children's Learning

  • Chapter 3: The Cycle of Curriculum Planning
  • Chapter 4: Developing Curriculum for a Play Centered Approach

Section III: Setting the Stage for Children's Learning

  • Chapter 5: Setting the Stage for Play: Environments
  • Chapter 6: Guiding Behavior and Managing the Classroom

Section IV: Planning for Children's Learning

  • Introduction to Planning for Preschoolers
  • Chapter 7: Social and Emotional Development
  • Chapter 8: Language and Literacy
  • Chapter 9: Mathematics
  • Chapter 10: Science
  • Chapter 11: Creative Arts
  • Chapter 12: History & Social Science
  • Chapter 13: Physical Development
  • Chapter 14: Health and Safety
  • Introduction to Planning for Other Ages
  • Chapter 15: What Curriculum Looks Like for Infants and Toddlers
  • Chapter 16: What Curriculum Looks Like for School-Age Children

Section V: Making Children's Learning Visible

  • Chapter 17: Documentation and Assessment

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About the Book

Welcome to learning about how to effectively plan curriculum for young children. This textbook will address:

  • Developing curriculum through the planning cycle
  • Theories that inform what we know about how children learn and the best ways for teachers to support learning
  • The three components of developmentally appropriate practice
  • Importance and value of play and intentional teaching
  • Different models of curriculum
  • Process of lesson planning (documenting planned experiences for children)
  • Physical, temporal, and social environments that set the stage for children’s learning
  • Appropriate guidance techniques to support children’s behaviors as the self-regulation abilities mature.
  • Planning for preschool-aged children in specific domains including
    • Physical development
    • Language and literacy
    • Math
    • Science
    • Creative (the visual and performing arts)
    • Diversity (social science and history)
    • Health and safety
  • How curriculum planning for infants and toddlers is different from planning for older children
  • Supporting school-aged children’s learning and development in out-of-school time through curriculum planning
  • Making children’s learning visible through documentation and assessment

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Jennifer Paris

Kristin Beeve

Clint Springer

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