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Writing Unleashed: Content and Structure - 3.0

(5 reviews)

Sybil Priebe, Fargo, North Dakota

Ronda Marman, Fargo, North Dakota

Dana Anderson, Fargo, North Dakota

Copyright Year: 2019

Last Update: 2020

Publisher: North Dakota University System

Language: English

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Reviewed by Kathleen Trace, Dual Enrollment Professor, Tidewater Community College on 11/29/22

This book covers the basics. It is not overly comprehensive and is appropriate for entry level writing students. FAQs at the end of each section are very helpful! read more

Reviewed by Mary Gregoire, Adjunct Professor, North Shore Community College on 5/26/21

This book covers a great many forms of writing student face in their lives. These include: Blogs, emails, cover letters, business letters, reviews, the memoir and manifesto, profiles, proposals, commentaries and resumes. In addition, the writing... read more

Reviewed by Jane Ono, Adjunct Professor, Community College of Aurora on 8/11/20

Writing Unleashed provides a solid overview of the skills a student would need to be successful in a composition class. It presents information on the writing process, rhetorical patterns, and the genres students may encounter in a first-year... read more

Reviewed by Andrea Hills, Adjunct Professor, Composition and Literature, Portland Community College on 6/30/20

Writing Unleashed is an apt name for this textbook as the scope is quite broad. The text covers everything from rhetorical modes of writing to specific genres like memoirs and profiles to research and even aspects of technical writing. However,... read more

Reviewed by Sylvia Winston, Adjunct Associate Professor, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College on 1/1/20

As a writing textbook, many preparatory skills as well as support reading skills are not a part of this textbook. To select this textbook for a developmental writing and reading class, the instructor would be compelled to choose other resources... read more

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About the Book

Welcome to Writing Unleashed, designed for use as a textbook in first-year college composition programs, written as an extremely brief guide for students, jam-packed with teachers’ voices, students’ voices, and engineered for fun.

About the Contributors


Sybil Priebe has taught at every level of education: k-12, a few community colleges, and one university. She currently teaches a variety of courses at NDSCS. Sybil Priebe lives with her long-time boyfriend and old grey kitty. In her spare time, she likes to write, self-publish, read unconventional literature, drive her VW bug, shop at secondhand stores, go on bicycle rides, and attempt to kayak and paddleboard.

Ronda Marman has a long history with education that led her to completing three/four degrees that include undergraduates in Music, Business, and English, and a Masters in Rhetoric and Technical Writing. After a nine-year stint in the music business, a brief career as a fitness trainer, and some success as a wine steward and caterer, she is currently trying to balance raising a daughter, a German Shepherd, a husband, and two fat cats while teaching.

Dana Anderson loves how words teamed with visuals and smart document design can powerfully express ideas. Prior to teaching, she spent more than 10 years in journalism, publications/design, and corporate communications. At NDSCS, Dana teaches composition, technical communication, and professional writing classes. At home, she tries to keep up with her three boys and husband.

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