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Problem Solving in Teams and Groups - 2

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Cameron W. Piercy

Copyright Year: 2019

Publisher: University of Kansas Libraries

Language: English

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Reviewed by Eric Kaufman, Professor, Virginia Tech on 5/19/21

The book is written in accessible language, with practical learning activities and related resources interspersed. It was helpful to see the sample course syllabus and schedule, because it allowed me to consider similarities and differences with... read more

Reviewed by Renee Owen, Assistant Professor, Southern Oregon University on 1/12/21

I would be using the book for a graduate-level course in Adult Learning/Education, with a focus on leadership, particularly leading nonprofit organizations. The content is appropriate for the workplace. The content has a good broad overview of... read more

Reviewed by Karishma Chatterjee, Assistant Professor of Instruction, University of Texas at Arlington on 3/6/20

The content covers a range of topics that are useful for a junior/upper level class about working in groups and teams. The content can be used for potentially two different courses- one a class about working in groups and the other one about... read more

Reviewed by Melvina Goodman, Adjunct Faculty, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College on 1/7/20

Thank you for developing this textbook. I teach a group dynamics course at a community college, and was looking for a new text for my course, as well as I want to help students reduce the cost of purchasing textbooks. With that said, I would... read more

Reviewed by Tammy Hall, Instructor, ULL on 11/5/19

The textbook opened with a table of contents. The beginning chapter started with the difference between group (informal/formal) and team. A key distinction for students to know. The content included the five stages of group development. The book... read more

Table of Contents

I. Groups & Teams Overview

  • 1. Defining Teams and Groups
  • 2. Cooperation
  • 3. Social Comparison
  • 4. The Psychology of Groups
  • 5. Shared Information Bias
  • 6. Inattentional Blindness
  • 7. Teams as Systems

II. Groups & Teams (In)Action

  • 8. Professional Writing
  • 9. Supplemental Writing Advice
  • 10. Persuasive Presentations
  • 11. Groups and meetings
  • 12. Gantt Charts
  • 13. Organizational culture
  • 14. Performance Evaluation

III. Group & Team Theory

  • 15. Power in Teams and Groups
  • 16. Judgment and Decision Making
  • 17. Cultivating a Supportive Group Climate
  • 18. Structuration Theory
  • 19. Teaming with Machines
  • 20. Leadership
  • 21. Conformity and Obedience
  • 22. Working in Diverse Teams
  • 23. Intercultural and Plane Crashes
  • 24. Conflict and Negotiation

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  • About the Book

    This textbook covers content relevant to COMS342 Problem Solving in Teams and Groups at the University of Kansas.

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