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Read more about Open Technical Writing: An Open-Access Text for Instruction in Technical and Professional Writing

Open Technical Writing: An Open-Access Text for Instruction in Technical and Professional Writing

(3 reviews)

Adam Rex Pope, University of Arkansas

Copyright Year: 2018

Publisher: University of Arkansas

Language: English

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Reviewed by Joyce Bower, Part-Time Professor, Linn-Benton Community College on 8/4/20

Adam Rex Pope does a good job of covering the basics and giving cooking metaphors to help readers understand the concepts. Unfortunately, there is no glossary or index to help students with finding and defining concepts. Technical writing... read more

Reviewed by Forrest Johnson, Part-Time English Faculty, Linn-Benton Community College on 1/14/20

The text does a fine job of covering the breadth of technical writing concepts, but there is no index or glossary. Still, the table of contents is detailed enough to make the content fairly discoverable. read more

Reviewed by Kelly Zepp, Assistant Professor, Community College of Denver on 11/4/19

The author of the text spends so much time on lesser important elements like X-height and too little time on more important issues like the various technical writing genres. Also, the title of the book explicitly states that it will over... read more

Table of Contents

  • What is Technical Writing?
  • The User
  • Visual Communication & Technical Writing
  • Document Design in Technical Writing
  • Writing in Genres
  • Managing a Project
  • Research Methods for Technical Writing

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About the Book

This book presents technical writing as an approach to researching and carrying out writing that centers on technical subject matter. Each and every chapter is devoted to helping students understand that good technical writing is situationally-aware and context-driven. Technical writing doesn’t work off knowing the one true right way of doing things—there is no magic report template out there that will always work. Instead, the focus is on offering students a series of approaches they can use to map out their situations and do research accordingly.

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Adam Rex Pope, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

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