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Six Steps To Job Search Success

(17 reviews)

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, SixFigureStart

Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio, SixFigureStart

Copyright Year: 2011

ISBN 13: 9781453317259

Publisher: Saylor Foundation

Language: English

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Reviewed by Marlo Calloway, Adjunct, Tidewater Community College on 4/26/23

The textbook covers many untapped topics that are necessary for job seekers to know today. read more

Reviewed by Georgia Karras, Professor, Prairie State College on 3/14/23

I like that this book takes into account students from non-traditional pathways and asking those questions about why a career change is wanted all the way to landing a job. It's also nice to see social media relevance and impact. read more

Reviewed by Marva Solomon, Instructor, Lane Community College on 6/3/21

All 12 Chapters of this book covers material that is relevant for job search. Each chapter is laid out comprehensively. The order of each chapter allows for students with none or very little job search experience to gain a good understanding of... read more

Reviewed by Carla Tobin, Faculty, Century College on 6/3/21

The textbook has a comprehensive overview of the job search process for students that will soon be entering the workforce. The textbook covers many reasons students may be entering the workforce, relocating, returning to the workforce, or changing... read more

Reviewed by Christian Reifsteck, Assistant Director of Career Development, Susquehanna University on 3/3/20

At 514 pages, “Six Steps to Job Search Success” by Caroline Ceniza-Levine and Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio is a comprehensive overview of the job search process. It includes subjects ranging from improving self-confidence to researching companies... read more

Reviewed by Brenda Williams, Faculty , Lane Community College on 12/30/19

The glossary is easy to use. I thought the order of the chapters was great, it flowed very well. Each aspect of the job search and even before the job search was broken down. read more

Reviewed by Amanda Olson, Instructor of Communication Studies, Minnesota State on 6/27/19

This text offers a comprehensive overview of the job search process, tailored to the context of a college student preparing the enter the job market. The authors assume that college/university resources might be available and explain how to take... read more

Reviewed by Julie Voelker-Morris, Senior Instructor II/PPPM Career Services Director, University of Oregon on 6/6/19

This book is very comprehensive in the topics it addresses for readers to enact a successful job search. From defining employment goals and building professional networks to developing foundational documents such as résumés and cover letters and... read more

Reviewed by Adry Clark, Director, Western Oregon University on 3/4/19

Textbook ... read more

Reviewed by Rachel Dolechek, Instructor, Fort Hays State University on 11/20/18

“Six Steps to Job Search Success” is a comprehensive resource for covering the job search process. It aligns with the job search process covered in many business communication textbooks. Some topics need to be updated, as well as many of the... read more

Reviewed by David Pearlman, Associate Professor, University of New Orleans on 5/21/18

The text is very comprehensive and does a great job covering the job search process. There are some elements of the text that could be updated, while most of the information is relevant and doesn't change, there are some things that date the... read more

Reviewed by Amy Morrill Bijeau, Director of Experiential Education, School of Professional & Extended Studies, American University on 2/1/18

"Six Steps to Job Search Success" throughly reviews major career development stages such as discovering job search targets, setting goals, and landing a job. The book also gives a detailed explanation of the interview process and managing... read more

Reviewed by Sara Henson, Assistant Professor II, Central Oregon Community College on 8/15/17

The text introduces readers to a structure for approaching a job search. The first few chapters set the stage by focusing on where the reader is in his/her process and an overview of the structure. The next chapters address each stage, starting... read more

Reviewed by Alice Jones, Associate Director/Career Liaison College of Arts & Letters, Old Dominion University on 6/20/17

The text is written in a fairly comprehensive manner that covers the topic. Each section is clearly outlined in the table of contents. Each chapter begins with an introduction, and learning objectives and concludes with a chapter review and... read more

Reviewed by Jeanine McDermott, Adjunct Faculty, Rogue Community College on 8/21/16

There is a very extensive, in-depth discussion on the job search topics, delving into the details and examining the various angles of a job search. Although the book’s title indicates six steps, these are just the major steps with a number of... read more

Reviewed by Angela Gist, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Kansas on 8/21/16

Six Steps to Job Search Success is an extremely comprehensive text that addresses many of the intersecting and complex variables that go into an effective job search. Each chapter systematically covers content from narrowing your career interests,... read more

Reviewed by Jodi Shorma, Instructor, Valley City State University on 1/7/16

Chapters 1 and 2 provide setting the stage advice for a student's job seach process. Chapters 3 through 10 provide detailed strategies and techniques for each of the six steps of the book's job search process. The first pages of Chapters 3 through... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Your Life Dictates Your Job Search, Not the Reverse
  • Chapter 2: Overview of the Six-Step Job Search Process
  • Chapter 3: Step 1: Identify Your Job Search Targets
  • Chapter 4: Step 2: Create a Compelling Marketing Campaign, Part I: Résumé
  • Chapter 5: Step 2 (Continued): Create a Compelling Marketing Campaign, Part II: Cover Letter, Pitch, and Online Profile
  • Chapter 6: Step 3: Conduct In-Depth Research
  • Chapter 7: Step 4: Network Effectively
  • Chapter 8: Step 4 (Continued): Master the Interview
  • Chapter 9: Step 5: Stay Motivated and Organized and Troubleshoot Your Search
  • Chapter 10: Step 6: Negotiate and Close Your Offer
  • Chapter 11: Social Media and the Job Search
  • Chapter 12: From Job Search Success to Career Success

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About the Book

This book is a practical discussion of six actionable steps that students can take to land a job regardless of the market. Whether the estimate is 25% unemployment or single-digit unemployment, that number doesn't apply to any one student. For any individual, the unemployment rate is 0% or 100%. One either has a job or doesn't. When any one person is looking for a job and there is 10% unemployment, that person just wants to be one of the nine people that has a job.

Students might think even that one job is beyond their grasp. They think they don't have the right degree. Their school is in a different location than where they'd like to work. Not enough jobs are listed or employers are visiting the campus. This type of thinking cedes control of a student's search to outside forces. It is not up to professors, schools, career services support, or recruiters to get students a job. This book is about the proactive things that students can do to get themselves a job.

In the first chapter, Six Steps to Job Search Success covers the different types of job searches: full-time job after graduation, internship, return to workforce, career change, relocation. The rest of the book is about how, regardless of the type of job search or overall market, one can be proactive and successfully land a job. This textbook outlines a structured approach, actionable steps, and stresses the importance of a student's willingness to see this through.

Six Steps to Job Search Success provides that structure with six steps anyone can take to:

  1. Identify the types of jobs they'd like (Step 1: Identify Your Target)
  2. Position themselves for these jobs (Step 2: Create A Powerful Marketing Campaign)
  3. Figure out what employers are looking for (Step 3: Research)
  4. Develop relationships with prospective employers (Step 4: Network and Interview)
  5. Stay connected throughout the decision-making process and fix any problems that might arise (Step 5: Stay Motivated; Organized and Troubleshoot Your Search)
  6. Complete their search (Step 6: Negotiate and Close the Offer).

Connie and Caroline are both former recruiters with over 40 years of combined hiring experience between them. Connie led recruiting areas for three Fortune 500 companies, and Caroline led recruiting in-house for a Fortune 500 but also as an external recruiter for established firms and start-ups. They've hired thousands of people from interns to senior executives. They developed the process detailed in Six Steps to Job Search Success based on how hiring works.

The authors explain that in reality, the ability to look for a job and land a job is a separate and distinct skill than any of the skills required for the job itself. The goal of their book is share their job search techniques with your students so that your students can take control of their job search, add an exceptional new job to their career and enjoy the life rewards a satisfying career can bring. If you are interested in a practical approach that can deliver results, this book is for you and your course. Order a desk copy today and see for yourself.

About the Contributors


Caroline Ceniza-Levine, career coach, writer, speaker, multigenerational workplace expert, and cofounder of SixFigureStart, has sixteen years of experience in professional services as a management consultant and executive and corporate recruiter. She has recruited for leading companies in media, financial services, management consulting, pharmaceuticals, and technology. Caroline is a career columnist for,,, and and an adjunct assistant professor of professional development at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Caroline is a coauthor (along with Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, and others) of the best-selling How the Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times. Her career advice and job market insights have been extensively quoted, including mentions in, CBS Moneywatch, BusinessWeek, CareerBuilder, Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, Real Simple, NPR, and the Associated Press. Caroline is a 2010 grant recipient of the Jones New York Empowerment Fund. An extreme career changer, Caroline started her career as a conservatory-trained classical pianist. She currently stays active in the arts, performing improvisational theater and stand-up. Caroline is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University.

Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio, career coach, writer, speaker, Gen Y expert, and cofounder of SixFigureStart, has a twenty-five-year career with leading Fortune 500 companies including Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, and Citigroup. Most recently, Connie was the chief operating officer for Merrill Lynch Campus Recruiting, where she helped to streamline the campus recruiting efforts in the United States with that of Europe and the Pacific Rim regions. Connie is a career columnist for,,, and Crain’s New York Business and teaches professional development at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Her career advice and job market insights have been extensively quoted, including mentions in, Crain’s New York Business, BusinessWeek,, and WNYC. Prior to recruiting, Connie held a variety of positions in both marketing and sales. Connie enjoys scuba diving, tennis, quilting, and having fun with her husband, Ron, and their dog, Sophie. She also has an irrational but passionate preference of Nadal over Federer. Connie is a graduate of New York University.

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